4 October 2013


Fred Van Hove, piano
Annick Nozati, vocals
Axel Dörner, trumpet
Johannes Bauer, trombone
Paul Rutherford, trombone
John Butcher, tenor & soprano saxophone
André Goudbeek, alto saxophone
Benoît Viredaz, tuba
Ivo Vander Borght, drums

Suite For B... City:
1. 11:24
2. 11:52
3. 23:29 (tape-flip)
4. 19:58 (continued)
5. 07:04

Recorded at Kulturwerkstatt Kaserne, Basel, Switzerland on March 28, 1998.


onxidlib said...
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wightdj said...

Nice line up, thanks.

matt said...

looks great. many thanks

doghouse said...

Thanks for sharing - much appreciated

SOTISE said...

beautiful concert, thank you!

martin said...

Very nice indeed, thank you.

sikes said...

Hi onxidlib, i'm sorry i have to ask you again of you could re-up this but it is your fault really for putting up so many excellent rare records and recordings! So the is only so much i can apologise! Thanks for whatever you manage

onxidlib said...
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sikes said...

Thank you

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...


JazzHound said...

It's remarkable how different this concert was from the one done in April 8, 1996 in Berlin which was used for the FMP release of Suite for B.... City.

JazzHound said...

Thank you! A marvelous concert!