4 September 2013

Steve Lacy-Lee Konitz,Duo Paris-March 1st 1984

Here's a beautiful recent score from Dime, many thanks to Woessner , and all Seeders traders involved 
What a joy it is to hear Konitz, playing Wickets, Deadline and No Baby..in unison with Lacy
pure delight!

Steve Lacy & Lee Konitz-Paris1 March 1984
Steve Lacy - soprano saxophone
Lee Konitz - alto saxophone

01. Introduction 1:05
02. Blues (Steve Lacy & Lee Konitz) 11:06
03. All The Things You Are (Jerome Kern & Oscar Hammerstein II) 6:04
04. Wickets (Steve Lacy) 6:02
05. It's You (Lee Konitz) 4:51 Lacy out
06. Descartes (Lee Konitz) 4:22
07. Ask Me Now (Thelonious Monk) 6:45 applause cuts out
08. Blues For Aida (Steve Lacy) 7:43
09. Evidence (Thelonious Monk) 4:13 Konitz out
10. Deadline (Steve Lacy) 6:45
11. No Baby (Steve Lacy) 6:14
12. Hot House (Tadd Dameron)/Subconscious-lee (Lee Konitz) 5:38

Total Time: 70:47

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bventure said...

Not sure how, but I missed that on Dime, so thanks for the second chance!

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I would like to try this but past experience with Ilivid has left me wary of any further involvement with it. Nevertheless, I am extremely grateful to this great blog.
PS. As I've said before, I have much that I would like to share if someone could just tell me how to go about it.
...Tom F.

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Super, thanks.

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Tom F , Fichier has nothing to do with livid, you are hitting thee wrong tab, Livid whatever it is only advertises on the Fichier site.

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Tom F, what exactly do you need to know??... How to rip Vinyl, how to make flacs, how to upload to file hosts??

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Special! Thanks

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Fantastic! Thank you!

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Thanks for your response. I don't know how to upload to the file host. I've posted many flacs thru powerpost to newsgroups in the past. Where and how do I send it? This blog has broadened my world and I would like to contribute. Thanks again.
...Tom F.

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Tom F, contact me and i'll try to explain!... dipmongAThotmail.com

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Thank you!

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To Sotise,
...Tom F. here. I've sent two e-mails but perhaps you aren't receiving them. I really would like to contribute but need some help.
Sorry for using these comments as a
social media. It won't happen again.
great album by the way.
...Tom F.

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How about some refreshing Ko-La?! Never drink the stuff, but listening can be a healthy habit. Looking forward to it - Thank You!

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Tom thanks in advance hope i see some of ur stuff....
I just noticed you were talking about ilivid... It seems to me that if u get the ilivid windows then u r in the wrong place ... or the link is dead. I am new here but that is what i believe... i have found that repeatedly killing bad windows and copying the link and asking for it again, ( like the third time) has worked a few times when then link had looked dead