17 August 2013


Live in Teheran, Calcutta, Dacca, Manila, Seoul and Osaka in 1976

A. Untitled

C. Untitled
D. Untitled

E. Untitled
F. Untitled

G. Untitled
H. Untitled

I. Untitled
J. Untitled

K1. Excerpt From "Arrangements" (Toshi Ichiyanagi)
K2. Lonely Mountain (Shoko Shida)
L1. Same Trains
L2. Coda

Michael Ranta, mallet instruments, xylophone, marimba, metallophone, vibraphone, tabla, flexatone, castagnets, Japanese oboe, argool, gong, tamtams, short-wave receiver, Chinese violin, er-hu, jung-hu, wood block, echo machine, cup bells, Indian israj, voltage-controlled oscillator, voltage-controlled filter, vocals

Hartmut Geerken, piano, prepared piano, piano strings, Tibetan tingshak, water tingshak, waldteufel, mokkatam pot rattles, bells, water bells, sleigh bells, gongs, water gongs, Tibetan boo-chals, water boo-chals, musical clock, Tibetan horn, singing tube, maracas, wood block, temple block, Peking opera gongs, castagnets, lead camel bell, short-wave receiver, swarmandal, whistles, argool, monkey drum, toy xylophone, lion bell, gopichand, Egyptian cymbals & sagat, waterphone, voice, toy glockenspiele, thumb piano

José "Pepito" Bosch, congas [G,H]

Toshi Ichiyanagi, synthesizer [L2]

LP1 recorded on 25 November 1976 at Baghe Ferdows-Zafaranieh in co-op with Nirt, Teheran, Iran.

LP2 recorded on 3-4 December 1976 at Max Mueller Bhavan, Calcutta, India.

LP3 recorded on 8 December 1976 at the German Cultural Institute in co-op with the Academy of the Arts, Dacca, Bangladesh.

LP4 recorded on 13 December 1976 at Abelardo Inner Green (open air) in co-op with the U.P. College of Music, Manila, Philippines.

LP5 recorded on 15 December 1976 at the Korea Drama Center, Seoul, Korea.

LP 6 recorded on 18 December 1976 at the Goethe-Institute, Osaka, Japan.

Qbico ‎– QBICO 101

Vinyl Rip


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Booooooombastic release, herzlichen Dank! Though the concerts were commissioned by the super-dry Goethe-Institut, the Music is lively, curious, and just fine.

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Hi Nick, First part is stunning, thank you, but I can't download the 2nd part. Please reup GF-2 if you can.

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both rapidshare links now working for me. Thank you. There's a new archive Hartmut Geerken release on Holiday Records called 'Live in Kabul 1976' I've just ordered it!

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Hello, is there any chance of a re-post of these? I know it's a big set of files, but it would be most appreciated.