9 August 2013

AMM ,Teatro Antonianum,Padova Italy, 3-4-1998, AUD

Padova, IT
03 April 1998
Teatro Antonianum

Seeder/Tapers notes

"Fine concert of ten years ago by this most classic English improvising ensemble, then in its trio format."

Keith Rowe — guitar, radio
John Tilbury — piano
Eddie Prévost — percussion

sound quality: AUD B+ [59:55](initial few seconds missing)
DAT tape to CDR > EAC > FLAC
checksum file by Trader's Little Helper 
tricko bag o' tricks > august 2008

Thanks to Tricko!

Enjoy !!... and be sure to check out the Matchless Catalogue, again difficult to recommend single AMM albums, its all so good...
my personal favourites are , the complete live at the Crypt, AMM music, the Inexhaustible document, and Newfoundland... an entirely subjective proposition , based on rotation 


SOTISE said...


Jerry Cornelius said...

Very many thanks, Sotise, for this and the 1970 show. I am really looking forward to listening to them - and the others you have, in due course.

Anonymous said...

I love Rowe and Tilbury, their Duos fro Doris is simply exquisite... thanks for this.

wightdj said...

There is likely no bad AMM session, thanks.

Bob said...

Would it be possible to re-upload this one?
It would be much appreciated!