14 June 2013


B. Local Fair

Artur Beck, accordion
Birgit Reitz, accordion
Dirk Heinen, accordion
Ewald Wirths, accordion
Gabriele Joest, accordion
Hans Eikermann, accordion
Hans-Peter Fresen, accordion
Harald Heinz, accordion
Harald Pauli, accordion
Heinz Neyen, accordion
Horst Stark, accordion
Jörg Stepputat, accordion
Klaus Bächler, accordion
Klaus Krapp, accordion
Martina Apfelbaum, accordion
Martina Joest, accordion
Monika Lusebrink, accordion
Peter Eikermann, accordion
Rosemarie Spormann, accordion
Ursula Gruner, accordion
Ursula Göge, accordion
Ursula Saale, accordion
Wolfgang Gries, accordion
Wolfgang Göge, accordion
Wolfgang Weckelmann, accordion
Bernhard Kleinert, alto saxophone
Peter Brötzmann, alto saxophone, baritone saxophone
Hans-Peter Krummenauer, clarinet
Vangelis Zikas, clarinet
Theo Powiton, clarinet, alto saxophone
Peter Spormann, drums
Vassilis Zikas, drums
Manfred Gruner, electric bass
Alekos Zagoras, guitar
Rolf Schmitz, guitar
Werner Orf, guitar
Günter Christmann, alpine horn
Paul Rutherford, alpine horn
Hugo Dönch, tenor horn
Kurt Dönch, tenor horn
Friedel Kolb, trumpet
Hans Möllmann, oboe
Willi Hengstenberg, barrel organ
Mousikon Synkrotima, performer
Spirou Papandreou, vocals, guitar
Helmut Griesbeck, tenor saxophone
Josef Gallitelli, trobome
Friedel Hettrich, trumpet
Heinz Maurer, trumpet
Karl Wadenbach, trumpet
Karl-Heinz Bilewski, trumpet
Klaus Striebe, trumpet
Lothar Wagener, trumpet
Manfred Schoof, trumpet
Vito Gallitelli, trumpet
Jochen Windgassen, tuba

Wuppermusikanten Orchestra
Wupperspatzen Orchestra

Recorded live open-air June 5, 1976 in Wuppertal during the 4th Wuppertaler Free Jazz Workshop.

Po Torch Records - PTR/JWD 2.

Artwork is from the reprint, around 1989 - with corrected credits.

A side was released subsequently on FMP.

Vinyl Rip


Nick said...
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Wallofsound said...


Anonymous said...

Manny Thanks do you have maybe

A1.Jahrmarkt 23:28
Alto Saxophone – Anthony Braxton
Saw [Musical Saw] – Paul Lovens
Tenor Saxophone – Peter Brötzmann
Trombone – Albert Mangelsdorff
Trumpet – Enrico Rava

Anonymous said...

Manny Thanks please i need
side A1.Jahrmarkt 23:28 to complet this LP
Regards from Slovenia

It's All Tunes To Me said...

great post but where is side a

kinabalu said...

If you read the post carefully, you will notice that the a-side has been rereleased on the FMP label. We know that the proprietor of the FMP catalogue does not like any FMP records being distributed freely in the open domain. So it was a deliberate decision not to post the a-side, not an accidental oversight.

munter said...

Hi and thank you so much for the good work!

I believe the whole album is available as a download from FMP, but the sound quality is worse than on your post. Take it as a compliment... :-)

It's All Tunes To Me said...

thanks FMP cds are so expensive I wish they were downloadable

Nick said...

Jahrmarkt was included in the FMP retrospective box and the individual CD from the box, but not, so far, as a download. Live In Wuppertal, Pearls and Rumbling are available for download at Destination-Out Bandcamp.

Nick said...

The FMP downloads are available in lots of file formats, sound fine to me and are reasonably priced at $11.49. It's tough to earn a living from free improvisation.

maready said...

Thank you for posting this!

And also many thanks to those who posted information about the FMP downloads available at Destination Out. I had no idea that this service was available and look forward to hearing the music and sending the money to FMP. Hopefully if enough interest is shown, it will become possible for more of the FMP catalog to be made available as downloads, thereby diverting the cashflow that now goes to individuals selling used FMP CDs and LPs at grossly exploitative prices to those who created the music. I'm sure all readers of Inconstant Sol are familiar with the humorous story told by Steve Lacy about his quartet with Enrico Rava in the late 60s arriving in Argentina to discover huge crowds gathering under the impression that 'Free Music' meant that there would be no price of admission!

maready said...

Since the subject of artist-supplied downloads has come up, I would like to share my delight for Anthony Braxton's efforts at the Tricentric Foundation page: the music is copious and the price reasonable: from $0.00 to $39.95 --- something for all sizes of wallets and purses to enjoy!