25 April 2013

Glenn Horiuchi - Issei Spirit (Asian Improv 1989)

this is what they say at all music:
pianist Glenn Horiuchi's second album as a leader is a strong effort. Horiuchi mixes together his Japanese heritage with inside/outside jazz, creating explorative and unpredictable yet often melodic music.

and here some interesting reading on Horiuchi: http://www.furious.com/perfect/glennhoriuchi.html

Glenn Horiuchi - piano
M'Chaka Uba - bass
Taiji Miyagawa - bass
Leon Alexander - drums
Rosey Ruey - vocals on "Tear Dem Walls"

01 - Saburo + Getting togheter
02 - Cross Current
03 - Issei Spirit
04 - Tear Them Walls
05 - Before the Storm

all compositions by Glenn Horiuchi
recorded june 1988
Asian Improv AIR-0005, 1989


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