24 March 2013


A1.  Chirato 6:50
A2.  Phénobarbital - Septième Songe 12:45
B1.  Debora 8:00
B2.  Enitram - Narcisse 11:50

Didier Levallet, bass
Yochk'o Seffer,  bass clarinet, soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone
Jean-My Truong, drums
Siegfried Kessler, piano, flute

Recorded on Jan 9, 1971.
Futura Records  – GER 19, FUT 2015, 1971

Vinyl Rip


Wallofsound said...

A new world of listening for me. Thanks.

SOTISE said...

Thanks for the upgrade on mutant sounds mp3's, Seffer and Truong , were members of a Magma influenced fusion band Called 'ZAO', roughly similar territory.

James Manion said...

Thanks Nick, this album is the shit! Did this group make any other records?

Sergio said...

Nick, please, check the ZS-2 archive, because only side A is available. Thanks.

onxidlib said...

Perception made at least two more albums: "Mestari" (1973) on Le Chant Du Monde and "& Friends" (1972) on A.D.M.I.
"& Friends" has an augmented line-up as the title suggests.

Nick said...

Thanks Sergio, here are the corrected links




Calisan said...

What the hell! Killer avant-garde from fantastic members of Zao although Siegfried Kessler have one of the finest albums with Jean-Francois Pauvros "Phenix 14" (you can find in Mutant sounds too) I wish someone could post it in flac with the wonderful artwork complete more bigger than this. Thanks for all your work Nick

boogieman said...

Thanks for this improved rip. An interesting period piece. I like french fusion/zheul Magma (in the early/mid seventies) was one of the most impressive bands I ever saw live.
By the way, for those who're insterested in Siegfried Kessler & all, check the Swing String System album I posted a year ago on my blog.


Dunno if the lik's still alive though. Let me know if anyone wants a re-post.



SOTISE said...

also ....for anyone who hasn't heard them
for my money the first two Magma albums (Magma 1970, and 1001%centigrade, 1971)are Avant fusion marvels ,utterly unique,brilliantly challenging ,endearingly corny too, and its often forgotten just how obsessed Christian Vander was with Coltrane..
who's influence is brought to bare in completely unexpected ways , combine that with over the top Wagnerian pomp,a Carl Orff influence and an Oppressively unhinged moodiness, and all the ingredients are in place!
Zao were never quite as interesting!

JD said...


Anonymous said...

Re-up please? Thank you.

onxidlib said...

I believe all three Perception LPs are still available on CD.
I got mine last year.