2 March 2013

Allan Jaffe - Soundscape (Kromel 1978)

I admit that I had never heard the name of Alan Jaffe before, and I was attracted more by the rest of the company. Maybe most known for being member of  Slickaphonics, you can read his bio here: http://www.allanjaffe.net/bio.html

A1. Thelosophy         10:10    
A2. Soundscape #1         5:30    
A3. Plunkodunko         7:06    
B1. Hyperspace: Warp Drive       11:50    
B2. Song For An Unborn Child       9:52    

James Newton - Flute
Allan Jaffe - Guitar
Anthony Davis - Piano
Ray Anderson - Trombone
Rick Rozie - Bass
Gerry Hemingway - Drums tracks: A1 to A3
Pheeroan ak Laff - Drums tracks: B1, B2

Composed by Allan Jaffe except B1 by Anthony Davis
Recorded on 1, 2 October 1978 at Sound Ideas Studios.

Kromel Records – KR1001
vynil LP


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i saw jaffe with time berne's loose cannon in 1990 but for me this is the first sighting of his music. will definitely look for more!