16 September 2012


I've no informations about Hirokazu Yamada. But Motoharu Yoshizawa and Mototeru Takagi are founding-fathers of japanese Free Music. My thanks goes to Nick for this and the music from the post below (Kosugi solo).


Hirokazu Yamada, guitar
Motoharu Yoshizawa, double bass
Mototeru Takagi, tenor saxophone

A1. Dedicated To Michio Miyagi            09:02
A2. Titan                                 08:41
A3. A Dialectic Apple In The Existence    03:51

B1. Stoic Monument                        06:44
B2. Solitary Promenade                    07:44
B3. Fin De Siecle                         03:15

Recorded on October 31, 1985.

TIARA COMPANY - Tiara 001, 1986.


onxidlib said...
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wightdj said...

Rare and compelling, thanks.

roberto t. said...

Strange (and interesting) guitar, but Moteteru Takagi steals the show! Thank you!

sotise said...

yes , finally given this a spin ,its marvelous, the guitar seems almost superfluous!
thank you !!

RockinRoll Bozo said...

Dear Sotise, the Guitarist is awesome! Just listened to this tonight, before and during the first part of the new Stones movie on HBO, which was fun!... This is a truly unique, fresh album, instantly destined to be at the top of the stack for quite awhile.You are right, the sax is unique and awesome, but so are the other two, and as a trio function with a unity of purpose at an incredibly high level. Can't recommend this enough!

DW said...

Re-ups are in order! Yes?!

correct silence said...

Hello Ernst

Found one audio clip on youtube, it sounds very interesting. Could you re-post it please?

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...


correct silence said...

Thank you Ernst for your fast update, I was expecting a music between Derek and Jojo but finally it is something different and very personal, like the Japanese know so well how to do it, nice.

francisco santos said...


samyoouhl bekit said...

Much appreciated!