28 April 2012

Licorice Factory - self-titled

Here we have a nice find from a second-hand shop. It was the presence of Mark Whitecage and Perry Robinson that caught my attention, both of whom we have posted in the past, the former with Jeanne Lee and the latter with the UNI Trio (and we'll have more Robinson coming up shortly). Here they are joined by Mike Morgenstern, who is also listed as the executive producer for this recording. This is very much a collaborative effort, though the scattered information available seems to indicate that Robinson was the instigator of this licorice stick project, a colloquial term for clarinets. Because that's what this is, a clarinet trio backed by piano, bass and drums.

The presence of Robinson and Whitecage might point this in the direction of the avant garde, but there is nothing here to scare away the cat. Mostly standards and covers, two originals by Robinson and one by Morgenstern (also known these days as Mo Morgen). This is in a part dixieland, part Goodman, part modern sensibility bag. They even do a late evening smooch take on Willie Nelson's "Always On My Mind". From what I have been able to find out, this Factory was a fairly short-lived affair, so I'm not sure if they left anything behind but this record, which came out on 1985. No cd rerelease as far as I know, so we have to stick with this platter, which is just fine with me. Vinyl rulez!

So settle back in the cozy chair, pour yourself a stiff one and enjoy (preferably in the company of your significant other). A good time is guaranteed for all!

Licorice Factory - st
Jazzmania 412064-1 (1985)

A1_Azure (Duke Ellington)
A2_A Goodman's Hard To Find (Mike Morgenstern)
A3_Bag-Dad (Perry Robinson)
A4_You Needed Me (R. Goodwin)
A5_Dandelion Wine (Perry Robinson)

B1_Laurel & Hardy Meet The 3 Stooges (Paul Clemens)
B2_Do You Know What It Means To mIss New Orleans (Alter-deLange)
B3_Always On mY mInd (Willie Nelson)
B4_Stolen Moments (Oliver Nelson)

Mark Whitecage - E, Alto Clarinet
Mike Morgenstern - B, Bass Clarinet
Perry Robionson - B, Soprano Clarinet
Micael Fleming - Bass
Dave LaLama - Piano, DX7 Synth
Walter Perkins - Drums

Produced by Peter Drake
Executive Producer - Mike Morgenstern
Recorded & arranged at Van Gelder Recording Studios
December3, 4 1984 & Jan. 10, 1985


kinabalu said...
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corvimax said...

what a promising find, thanks for sharin it

agmosk said...

Wow! Very cool! thank you!

Anonymous said...

I saw this gang of clarinet mavericks as part of the Gunter Hampel Galaxy Band at Sweet Basil, New York - Xmas '84m, along with Marvin Smitty Smith, Jeanne Lee and Bill Frisell and I owned (and lost) this vynil, which is one of the most fun jazz albums ever. Bless you, guys, you have made a real dream upload with this one. It's a sure word-of-mouth hit. Bless you again, great job.

E-mile said...

nice & swinging.. this licorish sweetness may "drop" by anytime [:-)
thanks a lot!
peace, E-mile

hideo said...

FABULOUS--can hardly wait to sink my teeth into this one!

thanks, Kinabalu

kinabalu said...

For those interested in trivia, I should add that a vocal or a tone poem version of "Dandelion Wine" is available here. This was performed by Jeanne Lee live in New York in 1988. The mp3 files are still active.

er said...

Please re-up. thank you very much.

kinabalu said...

A splendid choice (if I may say so):


er said...

Thank you very much