17 April 2012


....................................................(picture of Bill Dixon by Hans Kumpf)

The concert in the New England Repertory Theater comprised two sets separated by an intermission.

Dixon's trio with Pavone and Cook debuted at this engagement.
"I had to do this concert in Worcester for the radio station, and they wanted a trio. So on the spur of the moment, I called Laurence in Boston, asked him if he wanted to work in Worcester and if he could get Mario. It worked so well, that was it."
Dixon explains part of the high level of this music through Cook's and Pavone's attentiveness in this new situation. There was no rehearsal for the concert.

Dixon's minimal verbal instruction (as above), hand signals, figures implied in his playing, and eye contact often represented the only notation or instructions for pieces the group played. He occasionally wrote out parts for Pavone.

The trio concept stuck immediately and (in one form or another) became Dixon's the modus operandi for playing in and outside of Bennington for most of the next seven years.
"Every year during the existence of the Division, I would do 2 or 3 concerts. If I wanted to rehearse something, I would have Cook and Pavone come up on an honorarium. That kept the group together, and it let me work, but it wasn't just a selfish endeavor. I wanted students to see a working group. As an artist who happens to be a teacher, it was necessary for students to see me play 'seriously' (In fact, although they might not have thought of it that way, I was just as serious playing with them as I was with Mario and Laurence.) Sometimes I would have a workshop for students with the trio. Overall it worked very well."

Source: Dixonia: A Bio-Discography of Bill Dixon, compiled by Ben Young, Westport, Connecticut / London, 1998 (=Discographies, Number 77), p. 255.


Bill Dixon, trumpet
Mario Pavone, bass
Laurence Cook, drums

1. announcement by BD & (unknown titel) 16:36
2. (unknown titel) 19:20
3. (unknown titel) 11:26
4. (unknown titel) 06:50
5. (unknown titel) 08:58

Live at the New England Repertory Theater, Worcester, MA,  New England - June 15, 1981.

"Dixonia" by Ben Young says:

Unknown ["Play your open 'E'..."] 14:18
Unknown [starts with BD unacc] 18:18
Unknown [starts with BD unacc] 10:47
Unknown ["...Latin..."] 6:22
Unknown [starts with BD unacc] 8:26




onxidlib said...
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Sami said...

Ouh, really nice. Thanks!! As unique as Bill Dixon always.

Vitko said...

Masterly style. This is so exciting. Many thanks.

Arcturus said...

what a lovely surprise! thanks, man, this looks essential

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the wonderful recordings you share, onxidlib!

This is an interesting minimalistic, improvisatory performance--and the sound quality is truly exceptional with excellent stereo separation!

(I'm assuming this was a radio broadcast??-- "I had to do this concert in Worcester for the radio station"-- because the sound is so good and there is some slight static(?) heard on track 3.??) --dandor

onxidlib said...

@ Dandor,

I assume the same - got it 'bout five years ago through trading.

I hope there will be in the not too far future some releases out of Bill Dixon's archive.

Once I read "Dixonia" by Ben Young and it was full of exciting line-up's.
Surely there's a treasure to be unearthed.

Doubling the availabele oeuvre (or for that matter the whole released opus) would be not too much...

Wallofsound said...

I almost always enjoy Dixon's recordings immensely, and Pavone is a favourite. I enjoyed this as well. What it lacks in direction (in places) it makes up for in some great interaction.Even the drum solos are interesting.

Frédito said...

Merci Onxidlib, beautiful.

David said...

Thank you very much indeed for this. I saw Dixon at the Guelph festival in 06 and was absolutely overwhelmed by his live performance; even at an advanced age he was utterly masterful.

I will really enjoy this trio setting. Thank you!

Stephen Haynes said...

Regarding folk's thoughts about Bill Dixon's unreleased music: we are engaged in the (long) process of pre-archival assessment of Bill's music, scores, writings, etc.

You are right to think that there is some wonderful unreleased music, and more.

Conversations continue about how best/what to share with the public. Stay tuned for details. At this point, we do not have a website up, but there is, and will continue to be, a great deal of material on Bill Dixon's Facebook page. Follow the work there if you are able and inclined.

onxidlib said...

@ Stephen Haynes:

Surely I'm not the only one who would be happy to hear more from Bill Dixon.

I have bought all official recordings I could get.
I bought the Odyssey Box when Bill Dixon was still alive - he even was so kind to charge me less than the official price!

Thanks for your comment.

Looking forward...

O.B. Dan said...

Just so's ya know...

It's spelled "Worcester" and it's pronounced WUHS-tah


onxidlib said...

Thanks O.B.Dan, for clarification!

Anonymous said...

A very gracious Thank you !

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I just stumbled across this one. Can you re-up? Thanks for making/keeping this music available

onxidlib said...

I'll re-up it soon.

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