30 March 2012

David Murray/James Blood Ulmer & The Blues Orchestra - Live in Milan '12

A concert (World première) that Murray has significantly titled:
"Blood Singin' and Stompin' The Blues".

Rec. live at "Teatro Manzoni", Milan, Italy, on January 29, 2012
(mics recording)

David Murray,tenor sax,conductor,arrangements
James Blood Ulmer,electric guitar & voice
Ravi Best/Shareef Clayton/Mario Hernàndez Morejòn,trumpets
Mark Williams/Terry Greene II/Denis Cuni Rodriguez,trombones
Lakecia Benjamin/Tony Kofi,alto saxes
Jay Rodriguez/Irving Acao,tenor saxes
Alex Harding,baritone sax
Mingus Murray,electric guitar
Llorenc Barcelò,Hammond B3
Steve Colson,piano
Jaribu Shahid,double-bass & electric bass
Chris Beck,drums

1. David intro (04:34)
2. Spreadsology [D.Murray] (11:42)
3. Backwater Blues [B.Smith] (13:47)
4. Let's Talk About Jesus [J.B.Ulmer] (10:03)
5. Grinnin' In Your Face [E.J.House Jr.] (13:52)
6. Love Like Them [C.West] (13:02)
7. Interview Suite [J.B.Ulmer/D.Murray] (18:07)
8. Sittin' On Top Of The World [W.Vinson/L.Chatmon] (12:26)
9. Dead Presidents (encore) [W.Dixon/W.R.Emerson] (09:17)

Total Time 1:46:53

excerpt from Sittin' On Top Of The World


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grazie, Riccardo!!

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Oh wow does that look great! Thank you!

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Looking forward to this one

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Thank you very much!

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Blood Ulmer! Blood Ulmer! Blood Ulmer!

Bless you,

Preslives said...

Very interesting! Thank you. The band is quite ragged, and sometimes even embarrassingly out of tune. But there are some sublime moments, nevertheless. I hope that the band rehearses a bit more and then cuts an album. Or was this just a one-off thing?

riccardo said...

@ Preslives

I do not know if this project will have a following, but I agree with your considerations.

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