24 February 2012

BLUE EFFECT & JAZZ Q PRAHA - Coniunctio (1970)

BLUE EFFECT & JAZZ Q PRAHA - Coniunctio (Supraphon 1970)

1. Coniunctio I (In Memoriam Lubomír Pristof) 19.13
    Blue Effect & Jazz Q Praha
2. Návštěva u tety Markéty, vypití šálku čaje 6.05
    Jiří Stivín (flute solo) & Blue Effect
3. Asi půjdu se psem ven 7.23
    Jiří Stivín, Jazz Q Praha
4. Coniunctio II 7.15
    Blue Effect & Jazz Q Praha

Radim Hladík - guitar, rasper, siren
Jiří Kozel - bass guitar, bells
Vlado Čech - drums

Jiří Stivín - flute, alto sax, piccolo, artistic chain, siren, pristophone, wood blocks, hawaiian flute
Martin Kratochvíl - piano, organ, trumpet-bassoon
Jiří Pellant - double bass
Milan Vitoch - drums, horse chimes

Recorded in Supraphon studio Dejvice, Prague, March 1970

Coniunctio presents eary freejazz-oriented version of Jazz Q with Jiří Stivín in experimental fusion with progressive rock group Blue Effect. Music sometimes reminds expanded Soft Machine from Fourth album. With Stivín's departure shortly after this recording, Martin Kratochvíl changed direction of Jazz Q towards electric jazz-rock, Blue Effect continued in its progressive rock (or art rock) vein and also made 2 albums in fusion with Czechoslovak Radio Jazz Orchestra - New Synthesis (1971) and New Synthesis 2 (1974). All of these albums were issued on separate CDs during 90's (now out of print) and are part of Blue Effect 9CD box 1969-1989 (Supraphon 2009), from where is this taken. All later Jazz Q albums is now possible to buy as mp3 or flac download in new Supraphonline web shop, but at the moment this page has Czech version only in both language and payment possibilty.


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mp3 - here is Best of Jazz Q 1977-81, in case somebody want to have idea of their chamber jazz-rock era

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