13 August 2011

Abdullah Ibrahim and Carlos Ward live in Kalisz, Poland

Here's an item that has been lying around for ages, displaced and retrieved, so apologies to "amnesia" for not getting to this much earlier. And it dovetails nicely with some earlier postings of Ibrahim.

Here's an introduction from "amnesia" on the background of this record:

The duo of pianist Abdullah Ibrahim and saxophonist/flautist Carlos Ward captured in a rare lp only release from the Polish label Poljazz (PSJ149). Recorded in Kalisz, Poland in December 1984 fourteen months after their Ekapa (not Ekaya!) label recording made at Sweet Basil, New York. Although footage of the concert is available on youtube the Poljazz recording has had limited availability. Unfortunately, the recording and pressing leave something to be desired - Abdullah Ibrahim seems to express his frustration with an audience member or possibly a cameraman around 6 minutes. The sleeve note erroneously attributes Carlos Ward with playing tenor rather than alto. The track listing as given for the continuous performance spread over two sides is reproduced below but I am unsure about its accuracy. Despite these quibbles, an important addition to the Abdullah Ibrahim catalogue which hopefully will intrigue and please his many admirers.

Side A

Thabu Bosiu
The Wedding
For Monk

Side B

Chelsea Bridge
A Flower Is A Lovesome Thing
In A Sentimental Mood
Sotmo Blue
Thaba Bosiu

Apparently, Ibrahim never gave permission to release the LP of this concert but rather to press a few items to be given as gifts to the members of the Polish jazz society. He got very angry when he found out that it was distributed outside of Poland. So in his eyes this LP was (and still is) a bootleg. (source: interview in the early 90s).

Be that as it may, but to these ears, the quality of the music on display here is good enough to warrant a proper release. Lyrical, tasteful and with beautiful interventions from Ward throughout.

"Amnesia", keep them coming and I promise to be quicker next time!


kinabalu said...


The pieces pretty much run together, so I have not split them into indvidual tracks.

Wallofsound said...

Many thanks, kinabalu

Arcturus said...

o sweet! thanks - Carlos Ward never really gets his due

Hookfinger said...

Thanks for this and several other things I grabbed tonight. Always a fun visit. Many many thanks.

Jon Turney said...

Aaah, treasure. Both playera at their peak. Saw them in concert around this time, and bought the self-released LP, billed at the time as "Vol 1". Been waiting for Vol 2 all these years, but I guess this will have to do!

Downloading now, many thanks.

amnesia said...

Kinabalu, Many thanks for uploading this. I hope to send you the aforementioned Vol 1 duo recording "Live at Sweet Basil" soon plus some other goodies.

Anonymous said...

Hi, kinabalu. The link is dead. Any chance to re-up? As far as I know, you're the one and only source... THANKS, anyway!

kinabalu said...

New link:


Anonymous said...

Is there a chance You again upload this one?


Stan Dick said...

Any possibility for a re-up on this rarity?

indigonoir said...

Please can this concert be re-posted. Thank you.

kinabalu said...

New link:


I'll add the three others later on.

indigonoir said...

kinabalu thank you for the new link. It is downloading as I type and this concert will be airing in 5 minutes from now.

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