14 October 2015

HOHE UFER KONZERTE + 1 (1976/77)

I got this rip through a kind trader - THANK YOU!! - and I post it as I've received it (only a tiny bit of manual declicking).

Here is a loose translation of the cover's text:

"The "alta ripa" group (Günter Christmann, Johannes Goebel and Gunter Lage) was formed to create a place in Hannover, were they could be presented unusual forms of dance, theater, text, new music, improvisation, new jazz a.o.
In cooperation with the Hannoverschen Künstlerverein and with the help of the ministry of science and arts [region of Niedersachsen - in the nothern part of Germany], monthly Hohe Ufer concerts were held in the historical museum of Hannover.
Parts of the program were held also in three other cities.
The surprising success of the presentation gave the motive for the publication of this LP."

The last piece "Tanka" is from another LP - probably released by the city of Langenhagen, which is located near Hannover.

The lyrics on track 4 are from the german painter Kurt Schwitters.
His activites were far broader than only painting - dada, surrealism, poetry, sound, sculpture, graphic design, typography and installation art. Most famous he is for his collages called "Merz Pictures".

More about this astonishing artist >


HOHE UFER KONZERTE + 1 (1976/77)

1. Yukiko Sugawara

Yukiko Sugawara, piano

"Sonatas and Interludes von John Cage" (excerpt) 05:24

2. Irene Schweizer solo

Irène Schweizer, piano

"Sofort" 05:42

3.Evan Parker - Paul Lytton Duo

Evan Parker, soprano saxophone
Paul Lytton, percussion

"Halt, we are specialists" 04:28

4. Egon Hofmann

Egon Hoffmann, voice

"Welt voll Irrsinn"/"Cornelia"/"Bii büll ree"/"From dark to dawn" 06:04
(Poems by Kurt Schwitters)

5. Christmann-Schönenberg Duo

Günter Christmann, trombone
Detlef Schönenberg, percussion

"We built our time" 08:02

6. Achim Knispel

Achim Knispel, guitar

"Mushrooms for alta ripa" 02:49

7. Christmann-Schönenberg-Duo

Günter Christmann, trombone
Detlef Schönenberg, percussion

"Tanka" 06:06

Track 1 - 6 (LP "Hohe Ufer Konzerte"),
recorded between 1976 and 1977 in Hannover, Germany.
Recorded by Günter Christmann and issued by the Hannoverschen Künstlerverein (1978 ?)

Track 7 (LP "Musik in Langenhagen"),
recorded probably 1976 in Langenhagen, Germany and issued probably by the city Langenhagen, 1976.



onxidlib said...
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Anonymous said...

Looks amazing, thank you very much!

slovenlyeric said...

Thank you for this post and the one immediately prior. As always you shine a light on some areas which I was previously unaware of. These are recordings I was definately unaware of.

Johannes Goebel said...

This is incredible - in the positive sense! For some strange reason I just stumbled across this blog - because I did an image search I saw the cover which caught my eye - since I had spent a lot of time with it :) I am currently downloading the audio file and can't wait to listen to it!

Johannes Goebel

Cat'sFlux said...

would really appreciate a re up, as both links dont work

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Javier Roz said...

Thanks onxidlib! Great music on this re-up.

brian said...

B3. Lasst Uns Nicht Grübeln Ausrufezeichen Komma So Tönt Es Immer Wieder An Unser Ohr Punkt (11:20)
Gunter Lege
Performer – Hans Eichholz, Rosemarie Beck
B3 sprechstück für 6 schauspieler und 2 musiker, mitglieder der Theaterwerkstatt Hannover.


onxidlib said...

Please read my introduction to this post!
Obviously I got the Hohe Ufer LP (rip) minus track B3 but instead with one more tune with Christmann/Schönenberg from another LP.
I admit I prefer it that way ;-)

Cat'sFlux said...

Many thanks onixidlib, 'Halt, we are specialists' was the last piece by the parker lytton duo i was still missing. great to have it now. thank you for uploading so many great gems

L:) said...

Tolle Leute - vielen Dank, onxidlib!

bventure said...

Many thanks for this, looks terrific, missed it before. I also note the mention of Kurt Schwitters, who was an inspiration for one of my all-time heroes, Brian Eno.

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