17 April 2018

ICP 1967/68 HILVERSUM - ORIGINS OF ICP (expanded repost)

There have been several requests for a repost of the Instant Composers Pool recordings for Hilversum radio in the Netherlands in 1967. These were posted on the blog back in 2008, but unfortunately the links have lapsed since then. So only too happy to be able to respond.

Update from 17.04.2018
After correct silence requested a reup of these files I've searched on my hd's and found an expanded version.
Included in my repost are the years 1967 and 1968 (in flac) with more titles than listed below and two CDs with more music from the early years (in mp3).
Also the files are rearranged - haven't checked the infos..
So the repost is good for some surprises.

Basic info:


1967-06-19 / MENGELBERG
19.6.1967 – Hilversum, V.A.R.A. studio 5
Manfred Schoof cnt; Willem Breuker cl; Theo Loevendie bcl; Gilius van Bergeyk ob; Misha Mengelberg p; Maarten van Regteren Altena b; Han Bennink d.
1. JUMP ITALIANO (Misha Mengelberg) – 5:34
Length: 1t/5'43"
Source:rb/VARA, Radio Hilversum 2, 1967
Lineage: FM>2 gen.tape>HD/wav>flac

1967-11-23 / MENGELBERG
23.11.1967 – Hilversum, V.A.R.A. studio 5
Nedly Elstak tp; Theo Loevendie bcl; Willem Breuker bcl; Erik van Lier btb; Misha Mengelberg p; Maarten van Regteren Altena b; Han Bennink d.
2. DE LAATSTE STUNDE (Theo Loevendie) – 13:10
Length: 1t/13'32"
Source:rb/VARA, Radio Hilversum 2, 1967
Lineage: FM>2 gen.tape>HD/wav>flac

1967-12-18 / MENGELBERG
18.12.1967 – Amsterdam, Lurelei-Theater (live)
John Tchicai as; Willem Breuker bcl; Misha Mengelberg p; Maarten van Regteren Altena b; Han Bennink d/vib.
3. COOL EYES (John Tchicai) – 9:46 [Trio, WB & MM out]
4. DIE BERGE SCHÜTZEN DIE HEIMAT (Misha Mengelberg) – 13:50
Length: 2t/24'15" (incl. radio announcements and applause)
Source: rb/AVRO(?), Radio Hilversum 1967/68
Lineage: FM>2 gen.tape>HD/wav>flac


1968-02-22 / MENGELBERG
22.2.1968 – Baarn (NL)
Peter Brötzmann ts; Willem Breuker bcl; Lodewyk de Boer viola; Misha Mengelberg p; Han Bennink d.
5. DEDICATION TO PIETER SMEERPUTS (Misha Mengelberg) – 12:08
Length: 1t/12'08
Source: rb/VARA(?) (NL), Radio Hilversum 2, 1968
Lineage: FM>2 gen.tape>HD/wav>flac

1968-05-00a / MENGELBERG
May 1968 – Hilversum, V.A.R.A. studio
John Tchicai & Willem Breuker as; Misha Mengelberg p; Maarten van Regteren Altena b; Han Bennink d.
6. SCANDINAVIAN DISCOVERIES (John Tchicai) – 15:44
Length: 1t/15'44"
Source: rb/VARA (NL), Radio Hilversum, broadcasting date 10.5.1968
Lineage: FM>2 gen.tape>HD/wav>flac

1968-05-00b / MENGELBERG
May 1968 – Hilversum, V.A.R.A. studio
Evan Parker ts; Willem Breuker bcl; Misha Mengelberg p; Han Bennink d.
7. I.C.P.69 (Misha Mengelberg) – 14:00
Length: 1t/14'
Source: rb/VARA (NL), Radio Hilversum, broadcasting date 10.5.1968
Lineage: FM>2 gen.tape>HD/wav>flac

Additional info by the poster (on the Dime network):

The first ICP-sessions in 1967 are important documents for the second root of this very special kind of Dutch "free jazz": the tradition of the European contemporary written music. It's a strange kind of "Third Stream Music".

The recording sessions are also documents for the beginning international integration of the European Improvised Music scene with the guests from Germany, England and Denmark.

The technical quality of these pieces is poor due to my possibilities to receive these broadcastings in 1967/68. Specially the two live recordings (tracks 3 and 4) are something only for hard-core musicologists, because I got them by trade from an x-generation copy. But let's be happy that these recordings have survived and hope, that there will be someone who has received and preserved a better cut.

The recordings are giving an impression of the treasures which are still hidden in the Netherlands archives.

I hope that my seeds will motivate someone for digging there. It would be quite amazing to be able to listen to these unique beginnings of the contemporary jazz from the Netherlands in a good quality on CD or on Radio someday.

Links in comments.


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thank you. THANK you! thank YOU!! THANK YOU!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this, as I missed it the first time around. I'm also still-new to the ICP, so this background is very helpful. The ICP are still touring, with Mengelberg and Bennink, they will be on the East Coast USA this week!


Bill said...

Thank you Kinabalu,
I missed the radio-broadcast in 1967 (yes we're getting on) and have been curious ever since.
Thanks once again!

E. said...

so glad to see this reposted- Thank you so much!! what a pleasure to hear- glad to finally be able to download this one, after missing it the first time around-

i would love to see the Steve Lacy Quintet w/ Derek Bailey - Live in Paris, 1976 fm broadcast reposted- I would be glad to trade or post something in exchange-

onxidlib said...

I'll join the request for a repost of the Steve Lacy Quintet w/ Derek Bailey - Live in Paris, 1976 fm broadcast.

kinabalu said...

This was uploaded by "Boromir" who's no longer a contributor to this blog. I'm not sure if I downloaded it at the time, but perhaps some others did and can reup it?

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Thank you Ernst !!!

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correct silence said...

Ernst On the cd 1 track 11 is missing, it is the track "jump Italiano" ICP with Manfred Schoof.

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

It seems I have only a version without "Jump Italiano". But it was released in the ICP box-set. For once I shall post it here although it is available (as two or three other tracks).
I will offer it as a kind of teaser for the box-set.
About 20 minutes and I shall post the link.

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Jump Italiano > 1fichier

correct silence said...

Thanks very much Ernst I thought that it was a mistake. I haven't got the ICP box so I didn't know that this track was featured on it.
I have already listened to the Breuker Quartet with Gilius Van Bergeyk and the Peter Bennink QT, those are absolutely great. I have also seen that on the cd 4 there is a (unfortunately small) track of Dick Van Der Capellen with Theo Loevendie and Han Bennink. To continue and finish the series could you re-up this one
thank in advance.

wightdj said...

Thanks for these early insights,

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Already searched for the recording you're requesting but haven't it found some months ago...
Maybe someone might step in?!?

correct silence said...

Thank you Ernst, I will post the request in the comment section, it is Nick who posted this lp, if he can help or Mew23?

Lucky said...

correct silence - I have the Herbie White (dl from here), but converted to 320. Interested?

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sandor essedy said...

Very great thanks Ernst!!!

correct silence said...

#Lucky thank you for your offer but I prefer to wait if someone can repost the lossless version.
Can someone help to understand something on the cd 4 there is twice a trio with a vibs player with Marteen Altena and Martin Van Duinoven but I can't identify the name of the vibraphone player, it sounds like Carl Schuter or Karl Schultzer or Karl Schulter, if someone understand better and can give the exact name, thanks in advance.

Nick said...

Herbie White is re-upped.

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terrific share, thanks erns

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Thank you!

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this is really great thank you...are you totally opposed to posting mp3 links as well?...either way thanks for all the great music

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Hi kevinass,
I'm not totally opposed against mp3 but to encode files from flac/wav to mp3 is an easy task with the correct software.
I prefer lossless music. If you prefer mp3 simply encode it for yourself.

kevinass said...

i don't mind encoding them, it's just that the big files on fichier download so slowly, but thanks anyway. The music you post is so great!

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

OK - understand. As I have a premium account I hadn't thought about dl-speed.

Bhowani said...

Superb post, Ernst! Thank you !

Bhowani said...

Amazing post indeed! On CD3, we have a Boy Edgar Big Band's tune which blows me away !
I would be pleased (with others, no doubt) to listen to something more...! would anyone have anything else of this big band ???