6 February 2011

Julius Hemphill - Live in Lovere '77 [New Links]

Two short performances by the late Julius Hemphill at the
1977 Lovere Festival : the first is a soundboard recording,
the second an audience recording.

Rec. live in Lovere, Italy, on June 12 & 13, 1977
(mix & mics recording)

Julius Hemphill,alto sax,flute + pre-recorded

1. June, 12th (35:13)
2. June, 13th (18:00)

Total Time 53:13

2. June, 13th


riccardo said...

mp3 (117 MB)

flac (274 MB) part1 part2

Alec said...

It's unbelievable that you still have such treasures in your archive! Julius was one of the great masters! Thank you!

trane said...

Thanks for Julius!

JC said...


Igor said...

He was a genius. Period.
Thanks, riccardo.

just duets said...

many thanks.
i have 2 comments/requests.

on the bigband thread a poster asked about the score for the Bill T. Jones music for the Uncle Tom's Cabin dance/performance. i was in Tucson when they toured and i did a bad recording somewhere on a cassette. I was also taking illegal photos at the time. later Bill was OK with it. i have to find it, but the quality has to be bad.

2. there are 3 records with Peter Kowald duets. later they were issued on CD - "Duos" - Europa -America-Japan. but the track with the Hemphill is not on the CD. it is an FMP CD 21 from 1991.

i know from comments that previously IT WAS a site that had this as a download. but not anymore.

is it possible for anyone to upload the Hemphill track and maybe the rest of the tracks that are missing from the CD?

besides that i collect duets, for many reasons i'm close to Hemphill. unfortunately, the personal connections are shut for the moment.

thanks in advance.

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Hallo Just Duets,

ther is a second CD with Kowald duos (FMP 124),and it is still available here >


On this CD is one track with Julius Hemphill ("Balances & Gloves").

Plus some very intersting news for you: There will be a (double) LP with Hemphill and Kowald issued presumably at the end of this year.
The recording is from Wuppertal in 1987.

abe said...

any chance you could up this again in flac ???
PLEASE ?????

riccardo said...

New Links

flac (274 MB):
rapidshare | fileserve | oron

ABE said...

THANKS A LOT !!!!!!!!!!!!

mew23 said...

New link

francisco santos said...


do you have this

if yes, post please---