23 May 2014


On this and the previous Alan Silva post, he is not playing himself but it's "his" music nonetheless.

These sprawling vistas - like flying and/or floating over vast sky- and landscapes. Immersed but somehow not attached.

On this LP the music has sometimes a dreamlike quality (see/hear "Desert Mirage") and au contraire to his LPs on BYG the music here has a more "structured" sound. Not that I would dislike "unstructured" sounds from Alan Silva or per se...

The Silva - as ever.


Pierre Faure, flute
Carl Schlosser, flute, piccolo
Aldridge Hansberry, flute, alto flute
Karo, alto clarinet
Denis Colin, bass clarinet
Jean Querlier, oboe, cor anglais
Bruno Girard, violin
Pascal Morrow, violin
Didier Petit, cello
Itaru Oki, trumpet, bugle
Jeff Beer, trumpet
Serge Adam, trumpet
Bernard Vitet, trumpet
Michael Zwerin, trombone
Doménico Criseo, trombone
Francois Cotinaud, tenor saxophone
Georges Gaumont, tenor saxophone
Arthur Doyle, tenor saxophone
Philippe Sellam, alto saxophone
Sébastien Franck, alto saxophone
Henri Grinberg, soprano saxophone
Antoine Mizrah, electric bass
Rosine Feferman, bass
Francis Gorge, guitar
Francois Leymarie, electric bass
Jacques Marugg, vibes, marimba, timbales
Adrien Bitan, vibes, marimba
Ron Pittner,drums
Bernard Drouillet, drums
Gilles Premel, percussion
Alan Silva, conductor

LP 1

1. Desert Mirage 20:06
2. A D N 08:20
3. After Coda 09:40

LP 2

1. February The Third (1st Part) 14:41
2. February The Third (2nd Part) 09:29
3. Procession 10:57

Recorded on June 25,26 & 27, 1982 at Aquarium Studio, Paris.

IACP 7004-5

Soloists on:
Tr.1 Jean Querlier - Aldridge Hansberry - Itaru Oki - Michael Zwerin
Tr.2 Philippe Sellam - Denis Colin - Jacques Marugg - Bruno Girard - Arthur Doyle - Bruno Girard - Georges Gaumont - Jeff Beer - Jean Querlier
Tr.3 Francois Cotinaud - Pierre Faure
Tr.1 Bruno Girard - Bernard Vitet - Georges Gaumont - Denis Colin - Sébastien Franck - Francois Cotinaud
Tr.2 Jean Querlier
Tr.3 Sébastien Franck - Arthur Doyle - Francis Gorge - Carl Schlosser - Bernard Vitet - Georges Gaumont - Denis Colin


onxidlib said...
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SOTISE said...

thanks Onx for the upgrade of what is a very special album indeed .. this is a major sonic improvement to the old Ch#9 mp3 rip!

onxidlib said...

The old Ch#9 days must have been something special.
Reading the comments of the "old" bloggers one get a very special - almost "mythical" - feeling.
What's all about - please enlight me!

glmlr said...

Alan Silva? Always a pleasure.

Wallofsound said...


serviceton said...

Many thanks for this one onxidlib !
Thrilled to have this one. I spent a short intense period looking for it some time back, but couldn't find a copy.

"old Ch#9 days must have been something special. ...one get a very special - almost "mythical" - feeling. - Yea verily, in the Grand Time of Church Number Nine , the rivers did flow with ambrosia and honeydew hung from the trees.
People do tend to get nostalgic for whatever it is that they can't have anymore (youthful enthusiasm, women under 40, hair, blogs ....)
If anything, I would guess that it was - for the first time for a lot of people - the discovery that there was a sense of community in the enjoyment of "this kind of music". And a lot of great stuff got posted.
It was only a couple of years ago after all - and not the downfall of the Roman Empire

sotise and others can give a better 'retrospective'perhaps.

Bhowani said...

Thanks a lot, Onxidlib !

Serviceton (hi !) is talking about nostalgia ??

Well, your precious share helps me to remind my youth when I was student at Iacp in the 70's(Cotinaud was my teacher for few months),place du Châtelet, Paris.

Thanks again for this spicy madeleine !

wightdj said...

Special, indeed. Thanks for this treasure.

WOO DOPS said...

Thankyou very much...Never heard this before and I'm loving it...groovy and spacey..yeah!

mrG said...

"People do tend to get nostalgic for whatever it is that they can't have anymore (youthful enthusiasm, women under 40, hair, blogs ....)"

ROTFL. ahem. (sighs) yeah.

thanks for these disks; hadn't heard of them before, very nice stuff this.

Andrew said...

Alan Silva is a new name to me too, but one whose music I have found immediately appealing. Another gem thrown up by Inconstant Sol!

Thanks for the upload, this is very nice stuff.

Anonymous said...

Here attached "Seasons" by Alan Silva & Celestrial communication orchestra on 1970 live performance. Non stop 2hour and over 20 minutes huge works. In mp3.
I guess many people of this blog know this.


roberth said...

this is one of my favorite recent posts. wonderful what a piece.
i am one of those rare ones who loves ornette's written scores
and alan's work has always struck me as similar though more fluid.
thanks rAh

upkerry14 said...

Just got around to listening to this and really enjoyed it. Thanks B

kinabalu said...

New links:


onxidlib said...
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the re-post!

arthur said...

Many, many thanks for this great rare and beautiful music!

Solomon said...

Thank you.

santos curser said...

Did you have "Seasons: celestial communications orchestra" 1970, on this blog at one time? Is this where i grabbed it? If not then I suppose I should get out the old Mega password and offer it up somehow? I picked it up last year and am finally listening to it... I had no idea. I came here to thank someone, whoever's blog (if it was here that which implies that it was taken down for a good reason) I want to thank who ever put it up on their blog.
and it makes me think i should be getting more of Silva's Celestial Communications Orchestra works.

santos curser said...

oh i see "anon" put it up, but the link is dead for "seasons 1970"... things that make you say hmmm.

kinabalu said...

@santos c: Yes, I have the original lp on BYG Actuel as well as a digital download. For the sake of convenience, it's easiest to post the digitsl version. The Seasons never made it to a post on the front page, so to speak. I should have it up in a little while. Watch this space!

santos curser said...

hey Kinbalu, I am going to put it on mega right now and post it here... just for the sake of continuity since I myself got it from this thread in the comments above... and now those links (rapidshare) are dead....
so give me a couple hours.... (computers always take about twice as long as i predict to do anything)

Anonymous said...

Seasons: Alan Silva Celestrial Communication Orchestra 1970


Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...