1 February 2011

WILLEM VAN MANEN "Willem van Manen" (BvHaast, 1979)

WILLEM VAN MANEN "Willem van Manen"

Willem van Manen, trombone
Misha Mengelberg, piano (track 3, 7)
Harry Miller, bass (track 1, 5, 9)
Martin van Duynhoven, drums (track 1, 5, 9)

1. Dice 04:41
2. Stukko straight plus 04:28
3. Pannonica 04:10
4. Velvet 03:26
5. Tussen neus en lippen 05:18
6. Wah-wah 04:37
7. 's Avonds kouder als buiten 05:50
8. Plunger 04:13
9. For Jimmy K. 07:23

Solo's recorded May 19, 1979 at Brakke Grond, Amsterdam.
Duo's recorded July 3, 1979 at Bim-huis, Amsterdam.
Trio's recorded July 4, 1979 at de Kroeg, Amsterdam.



Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...
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paul w. said...

hi onxidlib,
many thanks for this post - a very rare solo (+ in duo & trio) lp by willem van manen. as i understand it was second lp under his name after "Twenty Minutes In The Life Of Bill Moons - De Achterlijke Klokkenmaker" from 1973/74 in nonet on bvhaast.

do you plan to continue with van manen's own ensemble - contraband ? they released 3 very good records - live at the bimhuis, de ruyter suite and hittit - between 1989 and 1998 - all very difficult to find...

best regards.

paul w.

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Hi Paul,

"Twenty Minutes In The Life Of Bill Moons - De Achterlijke Klokkenmaker" is a session by Willem Breuker.
So the LP from 1979 is - as far as I know his first as a leader.(See also Tom Lord's discography).

And from Contraband one is still available on BvHaast.("DE RUYTER SUYTE")for 10,- Euro.
Except a LP from from the 4-LP Box "New Movements in Jazz" from Radio Nederland which I do not have.

matt w said...

Nice record -- thanks for this post.

miloo2 said...

new link for flac - https://rapidshare.com/files/3607704045/Wi_Van__MA__BvH_79_.zip

Anonymous said...

I have still albums available, also by Contraband. contact: w.v.manen@planet.nl

Nick said...

New Rip - thanks to Otto




-Otto- said...

Nick, thanks for posting the links where they belong, right here.

brian said...

repost! please!

brian said...


Erwin said...

According to the record stores, this album is no longer available
Would a re-up be possible?

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Don't ask the record-stores.
Ask van Manen - he still has some afain > w.v.manen@planet.nl

Erwin said...

Thank you very much. I will do that.

Amaral said...

Repost! Please!