10 January 2011


More from Bernt Rosengren and his friends. Also a couple of pieces which could be from the Sevda session posted by Owombat some days ago.
Here's again this irresistible "swing" which makes me smile...


Maffy Falay,tp,darbuka(1/3)
Bernt Rosengren,ts,p(1/2 + 2/8),fl(2/2),taragot(2/3)
Tommy Koverhult,ts,fl(1/2),ss(1/4)
Bobo Stenson,p (1/1,4,5,7 + 2/1,4,5,7,9)
Torbjörn Hultcrantz,b,perc(2/2)
Leif Wennerström,dr,perc(2/2)
Okay Temiz,perc (1/1,2,4,5 + 2/1,3,4,5,7,9)
Bengt Berger,mridagam(1/1),tabla(1/4,5,7 + 2/1,4)
Salih Baysal,voc,v (1/3 + 2/3)
Bertil Strandberg,tb (1/4,5,7 + 2/1,4,5,7,9)
Gunnar Bergsten,bs (1/4,5,7 + 2/1,4,5,7,9)
Björn Alke,b (1/4,7 + 2/1,4,5,7,9)

LP 1
1.Theme from piano concerto no.2 in c-minor, op.18 (Rachmaninov) [07:04]
2.In The Ocean (Rosengren) [03:16]
3.Meyhane (Trad. from Turkey/arr.Baysal) [03:13]
4.Gerda (Wennerström) [07:27]
5.Fly Me To The Sun (Rosengren) [05:14]
6.Gluck (Rosengren) [06:16]
7.Some Changes I (Rosengren) [08:59]

LP 2
1.Some Changes II (Rosengren) [09:22]
2.Iana Has Been Suprised In The Night (Trad. from Bulgaria/arr.Rosengren) [03:17]
3.Hakim Hanim (Trad. from Turkey/arr.Baysal + Rosengren) [03:06]
4.Some Changes V (Rosengren) [05:49]
5.Markitta Blues (Rosengren) [03:44]
6.Splash (Rosengren) [08:14]
7.Psalm (Rosengren) [02:49]
8.Markitta Blues (Rosengren) [00:55]
9.Some Changes VI (Rosengren) [05:11]

Recorded between 17th and 25th September 1973

HARVEST E154-34958/9


Anonymous said...

i really appreciate the depth of your recent postings from scandinavia, such a fertile time and place for adventurous music. hurray! -MB

corvimax said...

many thanks, more rosengren is always appreciated

onxidlib said...
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matt w said...

Very nice -- you're posting great stuff faster than I can keep up!

Calisan said...

very appreciate your time for this post of wonderful set of musicians and great rip but is there any chance to post artwork with more quality? interesting information on back cover
Thanks for all this music from the north hemisphere!

onxidlib said...

@ Calisan.

thanks for your appreciation.

As I have no scanner I use a digital camera for taking pictures from LPs/covers I have.
I virtually started to take pictures with a camera at the moment I started to post on IS!
Maybe the resolution on the camera could be better through adjusting it - but I simply do not know how to do it.
The camera was a kind of gift but without a manual.

boogieman said...

Thanks mate, Bernt Rosengren's albums are always welcome as they are becoming difficult to get.
By the way I recently started a blog where I post little-known albums - mostly European so far, but it's not exclusive. For the time being I've only posted rips of OOP CDs I had on my hard-drive but i hope to start posting rare LP rips as soon as I get time to rip them (I'm most of the time working abroad).


boogieman said...

By the way, I'd like to post a link to your blog if you agree.


wightdj said...

Super, thanks.

Peter said...

Cracking!! Thx a lot!

Jo/No said...

Very much appreciate this one and your other Swedish posts! Looking forward for even more to follow.. (?) ;-) Maybe you're even a Swede yourself, eller?

Tack! / Johan


Anonymous said...

I really think this album is in the "if-you´re-gonna-buy-one-album-of creative-jazz-in-your-whole-life-this-is-it" category... The freeness of these minds at this specific occasion is nothing less than mind-blowing! It´s a pity though, that you cannot hear the version of the 2nd Piano Concerto by Sergei Rachmaninov anymore (it was forbidden by his ancestors (something I, a big lover of Rachmaninov after hearing this album, can not understand and really goes against any will of Sergei´s. Shame on you! Anyway, the songs that you can still listen to are amazing! LOVE IT!

onxidlib said...
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roberth said...

the rapidshare link for lp1 works
but not for lp2. i have tried the one for lp2 on many days. no luck.
must be a different account.

as always your site is overwhelming with good music. thank you so much.
my ears tickle with joy

onxidlib said...

LP 1
LP 2

Solomon said...

Thank you.

headman said...

Thanks for the re-up of all these wonderful Bernt Rosengren albums, onxidlib...it's much appreciated!

Javier Roz said...


gretels said...

thank you so much!

KingCake said...

Thank you!

francisco santos said...


JD said...

Mighty fine double album, Ernst. Playing it straight through after downloading as it grabbed me from the start! Not oftzen that happens