2 November 2010

Masahiko Sato,Peter Warren, Pierre Favre-'trinity' 1971 enja

Heres a wonderful record , following on from Onxdlibs,incredible share of Masahiko Togashi's speed space also Featuring M.Sato.

This was the 5th release on the Fledgling ENJA label ,who back then were among the few independent s putting out challenging material , in a totally free vein.

This is the sort of gig that a label like Intakt would now put out.
2 side long Totally free improvisations rooted in the traditions of jazz language , and the Darmstadt Avant guard of the day.

Sato's subtle use of ring modulator , is very reminiscent of the sound effects on Alois Kontarskys piano , on the original recording of Stockhausen's Mantra.
All three Musicians are still active as far as i know , though both Sato and Warren have since the 70's focused more on making modern mainstream Jazz orientated recordings.

Pierre Favre continues as an occasional free improviser , composer and band leader in rewardingly challenging territory.
A lot of his current projects can be found on the aforementioned Intakt label ,which he co founded with Irene Schweizer.

Given that this record did the rounds a few years ago as mp'3s , I'll stick to the Flacs
PS .. this rip is taken from a first pressing , and has been well loved , i've done very little by way of cleaning , very light crackle sweep& in some places removal; of a few 'objects'..
I and i'm sure many others would welcome a remastered cd edition of, this great lp.


onxidlib said...

Dear Sotise,
thanks a bunch!

I'll "call" you!

SOTISE said...

onx, i look forward to it..hope you enjoyed the Balachander too.
take care

Damon Smith said...

This is a great trio! I played my LP of it today. Does anyone have Peter Warren's Japo LP? He is great bassist. Thanks for the great posts recently!

Anonymous said...

This looks really interesting but is the Megaupload working, I get "The file you are trying to access is temporarily unavailable." Thanks, you post some great stuff, one of the best blogs in the web in fact.

mario said...

thank you very much

Anonymous said...

sorry friend, can you release it again megaupload is dead and i can't listen it ;)

thanks for your work..

Anonymous said...

happy New Year to all!!!
please reupload!!!

SOTISE said...

fresh Rip , made with a much better stylus
as of 3-1-2013


Andy said...

Thanks Sotise. Very good of you.

Anonymous said...

hurrraay! can't wait to hear! thanks a million, Sotice!

Luc Mosley said...

Awesome sauce! A great way to start a new year! Wonderful!

Anonymous said...

file gone already ...thanks though

Anonymous said...

Any chance of yet another re-up?
Would be greatly appreciated!

Anonymous said...

PLS RE-UP, link doesn't WORK!

Fan of your BLOG said...

Link doesn't work, anyone can re-up?

SOTISE said...

no reup , sorry this album has been reissued, cd dvd Japan is selling it for 10 us dollars along with other limited edition enja lps in limited cardboard sleeve facsimiles.