2 November 2010

La Vina de S.Balachander-E.S.P (Disques d'esperance-Fr) 1978

Before moving back to the currently ,recently established fascinating threads .
i thought Id introduce another great passion (sneak in) .. one of the Best recordings by the Great Carnatic master of the Vina ,S.Balachander

This is such an extraordinary performance.

Balachander is a master Improviser who in this long raga, pushes the Harmonic boundaries of this genre.
At times the tunings seem deliberately flat ,and ragged ,defying convention and the listeners expectations.

Seat of the pants stuff that will rivet the open minded,from first to last.
Anyone interested in Improvisation , should hear this genuinely challenging gem.

Guaranteed to broaden the horizon of even the most steadfast Jazz-a-centric,Ethno-phobe!

La Vina-De S.Balchander- ESP 165510-LP 1978




This is long out of print as are most items on the late lamented Other Esp label, a few have been reissued elsewhere.

Heres a link to a great 4 part documentary about Balachander on you-tube

A real pity that this music is often caricatured as the provenance of Hippies , or new age aural wallpaper.


SOTISE said...

Flac & pics

øשlqæda said...

jazz snobs are lame. this totally rules

yotte said...

Thank you, Sotise. What a delightful and unexpected detour!

Kndnsk said...

La Vina de S.Balachander-E.S.P (Disques d'esperance-Fr) 1978
Thank you very much, sotise.

Sami said...

Uuuh, so good! Thank you!!!

Frédito said...

Thnak you Sotise. I'm curious about this music. What a beautiful instrument.
The documentary is a good supplement to your written introduction.

lorenzo said...

thank you very much for this one, seems really interesting


SOTISE said...

Kndnsk, Freddy .. hope you enjoy i love this album, and the Genre in General , i have more oop lps in the vein that i've shared elsewhere and could post here if you cats&others are interested.

Owl.. yeah this is the fucking shit ... perhaps the best EsPerance thng i have ..hell they'r all 'dope'.. eh

Yotte Sami Lorenzo .. welcome

magogiallo said...

I don't know this record of Balachander and probably, reading the comment, I have lost something special!! Balachander is probably the best carnatic vina player thank you sotise for this gift

onxidlib said...

I haven't heard any indian music for almost ten years now.
You remind me that in the beginning this music was able to move me to tears.
Thank you for this precious gift.

Frédito said...

Sotise, if you have anything else by Balachander in good sound quality, I would be extremely pleased to listen, as I was twice last night with your Espérance lp !
I will visit the thread at the other place I know...

SOTISE said...

Ah oui fred ,cest ci bon .. pa croyable eh..
tu sais il ya plein de Balachander a l'autre place..

Onx , i love this music , as much as any other... and this certainly is among the best.. hope you enjoy it !

Frédito said...

Many feelings come to me with this music.. All great feelings !

Andrew said...

Many thanks for this. Not what I expected to see on Inconstant Sol but what a delightful treat to find! Another Indian music fan has just been made very happy here.

Rick said...

thanks for this - very fine Indian Classical improvised music

vishnu said...

Here are the links to 2 more of Balachandar music

S. Balachander & Sivaraman – The Music of Southern India (1965)







Enjoy !!

SOTISE said...

Vishnu , thank you very much !!!

Andy said...

Ahhh... Thank you so much