8 November 2010


Before posting more japanese OOP - here are two recordings from (South) Korea.
The first is from Kang Tae Hwan - saxophonist extraordinaire! - with the first recording of Free Jazz (Music) from this divided country. Both LP and CD are sadly deleted.
In an article some months ago in the magazine "The Wire" the german saxophonist Alfred Harth said that Kang Tae Hwan, Choi Sun Bae and Kim Dae Hwan (rip!) are content with playing their music without thinking about posteriority. Therefore one can only find few recordings with these astounding musicians.
Midori Takada is a musician which plays prominently in "Contemporary Classic" context.
And Evan Parker I do not need to introduce. In fact I became aware of Kang Tae Hean through an interview with Evan Parker, where he mentioned him.

Some CDs can be obtained here: http://www.afterhours.co.kr/product/korea_list.asp?

The second is "Sinawi Music from Korea" and goes back several hundreds years at least.
This music from the south of Korea comes from its shamanistic tradition and it sounds sometimes like a wondrous kind of Free Music. It was used (maybe still is) during healing ceremonies. This is an "art" version but nonetheless more than captivating.


Kang Tae Hwan,as
Kim Dae Hwan,perc (only tr.1)
Choi Sun Bae,tp (only tr.1)
Midori Takada,perc (only tr.2)
Evan Parker,ss (only tr.3)

1. Seoul Free Music Trio 11:24
2. Duo I 13:28
3. Duo II 15:09
4. Solo 07:23

Track 1 & 4 recorded on June 23, 1988 at Tokyo FM Hall, Tokyo
Track 2 recorded on July 3, 1988 at Suntory Hall, Tokyo
Track 3 recorded on September 14, 1988 at Yeh Eum Hall, Seoul

YEH EUM Records YPDL 8004 (released: South Korea, 30 Nov. 1989)



1. Sinawi Ensemble (13:43)
2. Heagum-sanjo (11:40)
3. Piri-sinawi (08:01)
4. Poong-mool nori & taepyongso sinawi (14:40)

Kim Kwangbok,piri (tr.1) & taepyongso (tr.4)
Choe Sanghwa,taegum (tr.1)
Choe Taehyon,heagum (tr.1,2)
Kim Mugil,ajaeng (tr.1)
Kang Jongsuk,kayagum,kuum (tr.1)
Im Sukcha,komungo (tr.1)
Chang Dokhwa,changgo (tr.1 - 4)
No Jongak,ching (tr.1,3,4)
Pak Pomhun,piri (tr.3) & puk (tr.4)
Nam Kiun,kwaenggwari (tr.4)

Recorded: 12 March 1984, KING RECORD #2 STUDIO, Tokyo

King Records KICC 5163

Maybe someone knows more about Kang Tae Hwan or Sinawi Music and is willing to share his knowledge?!



Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...
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Anonymous said...

If you want to hear more, try to find Mr. Kang's 2002 trio recording 'Improvised Memories', w. Jechun Park and Miyeon. It's one of my favorite free jazz/free improv recordings. His style is completely unique. Really wonderful music. If I knew how to upload it I would (assuming it's out of print).

By the way - would you consider switching from rapidshare? maybe to a multiple choice service that includes rapidshare for those that like it. I can't even use it since their latest upgrade and it's always been an annoying group. Thanks.

intempestif said...

These are really unique! I especially liked tracks 3 and 4 of the Sinawi cd and Kang Tae Hwan's solo. I wasn't familiar with any Korean music before. Stunned. Thanks again!

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

"Improvised Memories" is still available.
You can get this and other recordings here :

Extraordinary music!

I have all the records from Kang Tae Hwan I could find.
Only information about him seems to be scarce.

I've thought about switching to Mediafire or somewhere else...
I'll let you know.

Massimo Magee said...

is there any way you (or anyone else who has had better luck than me) could upload it to somewhere else other than rapidshare? I've been trying to download this all day and I keep getting errors (it says something about there being too many parallel downloads or the server being full). I'm not downloading anything else, so I can't think what else I can do to get it to work. This looks like a fantastic record and I'd really love to hear it, so any help would be great!

kinabalu said...

Interesting, this one. Perhaps less dense than what I imagined beforehand. Very fine use of space, particularly on tracks 2 and 4 and a chance to compare the sparse vs. more fluid style of Kang Tae Hwan and Evan Parker on track 3. Nice one.

Nuage fiché qui rêve said...

Onxidlib, 감사합니다 !
Kang Tae Hwan appeared here at Inconstant Sol some three years ago, with a two cd-r set recorded in Japan, a trio with japanese players :
I have it in my archives but don't recall listening to it.

I'm curious about these two recordings in your korean post !

Nuage fiché qui rêve said...

For Massimo* and anyone interested, a link to different download hosts :

* I like the drawing on your "To those for whom no time exists" cd.
Time to refresh my memory on this recording !

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Frédito,...으로 부터!

I haven't listened to the two cd-r set for about two years but the music on it is quite different.

For me Kang Tae Hwan is (a) major find during the last ten years...
I am almost tempted to post the not OOP - some of his recordings are "out-of-this-world" but supremely human and "here-and-now". (But I won't).
Naturally this is a contradiction but "here and there" I take what is affordable.

سلام های

Massimo Magee said...

Thanks, so much, Frédito!

P.S. if you listen to my CD and are curious to hear more, there are quite a few releases at my netlabel, [Array]: http://arraymusic.wordpress.com

I'm looking forward to listening to this gem!

Alfred Harth said...

Hi, I enjoy seeing this! Thanks -
Alfred 23 Harth

intempestif said...

Incredible music! I've listened to these a few time now. Both are major discoveries for me. Kang Tae Hwan's use of space is really special indeed. In this respect he reminded me of another saxophone player, Masayoshi Urabe. A similar, Zen-like sensibility in the treatment of space (for Urabe that includes the physical space of the performance as well). As to Sinawi Music, I never heard anything like it. I'll be very interested to hear more of it and of other traditional musics. The S.Balachander post the other day was really great as well. In Indian Classical music he's one of the most radical musicians i've ever heard.

Alfred Harth said...

Squidco has some with Choi Sun Bae. I recommend his solo

Nuage fiché qui rêve said...

Wow, I just heard the Korean Free Music. Superb. I wish I could write more on my feelings, well, I just stood in awe and pleasure. Lovely music, lovely sound quality, even the static at the very beginning adds a special something. This trio piece, oulala...
Now I look forward to the Sinawi. Merci encore, Onxidlib.

Massimo, thank you for the link to your netlabel, which I look forward to explore. And I have "To those for whom no time exists" ready to enter the player.

Nuage fiché qui rêve said...

The Sinawi is great. First track, Sinawi Ensemble with the female singer, is particularly gripping.

I have enjoyed Massimo Magee's "To those for whom no time exists" too.

SOTISE said...

really enjoyed both of these treasures , thank you !.. i have more korean traditional music to add !!

Anonymous said...

With Rapidshare you either (as we all do from time to time), pay nothing and so wait, take more time to download, or in some cases have to except that our Mac addresses have visited the site too often. Result = 'Too many people downloading' , 'Your already downloading' etc. That's those who don't wish to pay for a service .... 'You get what you pay for'.

However ...... it's only 6€ to download 500 times ...... that's (err!), 0.07€ ... it's nothing. And, by the way, that's the most expensive version, you can do it even cheaper by paying for 1000 downloads etc.

Why all the complaints about Rapidshare - many/most of those checking this site don't complain. If you think you can offer a better service, set up your own download/upload site, it's not so cheap to run, try it. The music here is free, no charge. Please don't complain if you don't wish to pay.

roberth said...

well most probably folks have seen
the film intangible asset no 82?
alot of good essence of korean shaman music with australian jazz
tie in.
thanks i first encounter kwan
on the label that releases vibracathedral orch. i forgot the label name at this moemnt.
thanks for posting these and keeping the links alive

sikes said...

Hi Onxidlib, please could you re-up this, i'm very curious after what you've written about him to hear him for myself, i've never heard of him before, thanks a lot

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...
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Unknown said...

that knocking sound was my jaw hitting the floor.

Unknown said...

This is really wonderful.
Just to try to encourage any passersby to check it out...some guideposts?:
If you like old Braxton or Roscoe Mitchell (maybe Tyler or McIntyre), check out Hwan! He's no copycat, though; he's got his own authority. The percussionists could collectively be Warren Smith or Moye. Kind of an AACM feel. I'm just trying to give a sense that the soundscape is not that unfamiliar, and excellently sensitive to boot! Evan bursts in, so to speak, and arm wrestles him to a common ground... And then that final solo... Hwan achieves an acoustic effect that brings to mind Marion Brown sinking on Gavin Bryars' Titanic. To The Golden Lady In Her Graham Cracker Window, From South Korea. Unforgettable.

Thank you onxidlib for bringing this back out.

JJ said...

Re-ups, of both, would be very very much appreciated...

Anyone, please?

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Korean Free Music

Sinawi Music From Korea

JJ said...

Thank you so much, again, Ernst Grgo Nebhuth !


francisco santos said...


Solomon said...

Thank you!