24 October 2010


In the music (Jazz) of the DDR there was always a less broken rapport with german Folkmusic than in the west. There are exceptions - Ekkehard Jost comes to my mind.

But especially Ulrich Gumpert was and is the foremost exponent of a creative approach towards a modern kind of "Freefolk" - albeit for a minority.

The subtitle of the lp in my loose translation: "From german countryside - a suite made from german folksongs by Ulrich Gumpert".

ULRICH GUMPERT "RETROSPEKTIVE - 100 x Jazz in der Kammer"

(Aus Teutschen Landen - SUITE aus Motiven deutscher Volkslieder)
von Ulrich Gumpert

Helmut Forsthoff,ts
Manfred Schulze,bs
Uli Gumpert,p
Gerd Lübke,b
Christof Niemann,b
Günter Sommer,dr
Wolfgang Winkler,dr
Jochen Gleichmann,tb
KLaus Richter,tb
Conny Bauer,tb
Sieghardt Schubert,tb
Ernst-Ludwig Petrowky,ss
Manfred Hering,as

1. Es fiel ein Reif in der Frühlingsnacht
2. Tanz mir nicht mit meiner Jungfer Käthen
3. Der Maie, der Maie
4. Es saß ein schneeweiß Vögelein
5. Kommt ihr Gespielen

(Photo is by Detlev Schilke)

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Dance and sing.


onxidlib said...
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Anonymous said...

wow, what a corker. thank you for this fantastic record! -MB

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Didn't know about this one. Sounds great! -A

intempestif said...

Hi Onxidlib, thank you so much for this and all your other posts! With a very few exceptions, the whole non-FMP German free music was virtually unknown to me. This is a really major discovery, things like that don't happen to me very often. And I'm really enjoying the music, all the recordings you posted so far are absolutely amazing! Please keep going, i'm really looking forward to hear more, including Michael Sell albums (there are several of his LP cover scans on Discogs. Great covers, but so far I wasn't able to find his music)... Cheers

onxidlib said...

Hi Intempestif,

you can get some LPs from Michael Sell himself.
He offers several CDs and LPs on his website: http://www.michael-sell.de/cd.html

The price for a single LP (older ones)is about 30 - 40 Euro. Naturally he is aware of the rarity of these recordings.

The only one I have and which is deleted is "Innovationen".

I will post it during the next two days.
Unfortunately I've only a few deleted albums (with german Jazz) left.
But off course there are other interesting records...

intempestif said...

Thanks for the info Onxidlib. Looks like he still got a couple of LPs left. Most of them are deleted, though. Cheers

Gerald said...

Man, I remember searching for this album for months and months and months ten years ago after I JUST missed getting a copy on Ebay. Finally a guy I hooked up with in Erfurt made a cassette tape for me, and it was really worth the wait. I am happy that this great music is available to new listeners now. And I'm glad to have it on my IPod!

Anonymous said...

great post! i've been looking for this lp for a long time!

thank you very much

brian said...


Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

It's available since 2012 on CD.