3 October 2010


It is still Sunday.
Here is a recording from the "other" half of Germany. These musicians were among the pioneers of Free Jazz in the GDR (in german DDR).


Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky,sax,fl
Conrad Bauer,tb
Ulrich Gumpert,p
Günter Sommer,dr,perc

More information if you wish later.

Link in comments.


onxidlib said...
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freebones said...

thanks for this. it looks excellent.

wildgrebe said...

yes another thanks .. wgbe

slovenlyeric said...

Thank you for posting this. I am really interested in hearing it.

For those who like these artists you can actually get most of the Jazzwerkstatt catalog on i tunes at $9.99 per disc. They started to carry the label in early September 2010. I am told that the label is actually paying royalties to the artists.

Also, they are having a Jazzweerkstatt mini-festival in NYC in November.

I am happy to get a chance to see some of these musicians get to the U.S.

Sardo said...

Yes, yes I like these guys:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks. This is of course an early recording by the same band which later became known as Zentralquartett.

onxidlib said...

The first recording of Synopsis/Zentralquartett was made for FMP ("Auf der Elbe schwimmt ein rosa Krokodil") about one month before the one on Amiga.
There is even one Zentralquartet on Nato which is called:
-Günter Sommer et trois vieux amis-: "Ascenseur pour le 28" from 1984 and a deleted release on SYN 01 (CD)from 1977 which sounds almost like a mediocre bootleg. Plus one or two pices on LP compilations (at least one is from FMP.
By the way - have a look here:


scroll down till the bottom.

For all who are interested in FMP it should be a feast - for sure.

onxidlib said...

I just checked the link from my previous comment - and it is deleted.
I saw it this afternoon - it was an advertisement for a forthcoming FMP Box with a 200pages book plus 12 CDs - five with unissued recordings and five with reissues from "old" FMP LPs.
But at least I can assure you there will be a FMP Box. I knew it before and was asked not to spread it.

onxidlib said...

The ad is not deleted - my ad-blocker was the fiend.

Here is a part of it:

FMP in retrospect

12 CDs six with unissued music - sic with reissues from FMP Lps

partial list : Kowals solo; Globe Unity 1975; Die Like A Dog; Steve Lacy solo + group; Schlippenbach Quartet; Malfatti/Wittwer; Brötzmann solo; and Schweizer,Moholo,Honsinger etc.

Subscription Offer

For the edition in preparation:
FMP im Rückblick - in Retrospect (BOX with book and 12 CDs)
Limited edition of 1000
Price: 178,50 €/Euro plus shipping (DHL)
Subscription offer valid until November 30, 2010

Content of the book:

A: Pictures & Texts:
With articles (all in German and English) by:
Wolfram Knauer, Felix Klopotek, Ken Vandermark, Bert Noglik, Bill Shoemaker
and other plus photos (b/w & color) by Dagmar Gebers

B: Documentation:
List of all artists/musicians presented since 1968
Projects (Total Music Meeting, Workshop Freie Musik, Summer Music, Free Concerts, Specials
with all programs and posters)
Catalog (with all LPs, Singles and CDs plus Covers)

see for yourself:


scroll down (after you've read the interview with Fred van Hove)
click > subscription

What a pleasant anticipation.

Anonymous said...

Sad to see that FMP are doing their old incompetent job of marketing this remarkable new decision.

onxidlib said...

As Jost Gebers has mailed me:
(in my words and understanding)

there will be no more reissue of "old" FMP CDs.
The original artwork for the covers is destroyed. Also for the LPs.
For that reason - he won't make copies from existing covers - no more FMP.
The FMP archive is already at least partially assigned to the Jazz Institute of Darmstadt.

For me this Box Set is something like a swan song.
Hope I'm wrong

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for the information, onxidlib.


jackalope said...

Onxidlib, Re: Synopisis Amiga,

Congratulations! You're the first to post something from Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky here! I have searched a little for his music and from where I live there are only costly imports available. A friend passed me a bootleg cassette many years ago and I thought it quite good. This is much better - your lp rip is fantastic! Thank you, Thank you
P.S. Have you any others with him?

onxidlib said...
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onxidlib said...

Yes I have others from Petrowsky.
And I shall post them as far as it is no FMP recording - off course.

onxidlib said...

I've removed the link - the LP is was reissued as CD some days ago for about 10,- euro. More Amiga recordings will follow...f.e. Rolf Kühn's "Solarius".