19 June 2010

Globe Unity Orchestra - Live in Palermo '09

Thirty years later...

Rec. live at "Museo delle marionette Antonio Pasqualino", Palermo, Italy,
on November 7, 2009 (radio broadcast)

Alex von Schlippenbach,piano
Jean-Luc Cappozzo/Axel Dörner/Manfred Schoof,trumpets
Johannes Bauer/Christof Thewes,trombones
Evan Parker/Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky/Gerd Dudek/
Daniele D’Agaro,reeds
Paul Lovens/Paul Lytton,drums

1. Improvisation [inc.] (52:20)


riccardo said...

mp3 (118 MB) :


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Anonymous said...

Thanks riccardo, the Globe Unity Orchestra is my absolute favorite! It's a shame that the sweet old FMP recordings disappear when posted. I really want to hear the Wuppertal recording. And Pearls... Thanks again!

"nächstens mehr." said...

great, the immortal GUO - i never can get enough of their shows ...

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ricardo!!!

wightdj said...

Excellent post, thanks.

"nächstens mehr." said...

just listening to this fine improvisation. the brass section is in excellent shape!
thx a lot for this imaginative musical experience!

Anonymous said...

As usual-superb!

wightdj said...

I lost this beauty in a double-drive crash. Any chance for a re-up.

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Dear wightdj - I have this recording. Shall re-post it during the next few days.

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...


jeff said...

Great reup of this Ernst. Thank you. This is a recording I don't have. Looking forward to it