26 December 2009

Gil Evans Orchestra feat. R.R. Kirk - Live in Dortmund '76

The Big Bands probably will never return, but we can still
re-listen to those recorded in the 70s and 80s : in this case
the great Gil Evans Orchestra with a "special" guest.

Rec. Live at "Westfalenhalle", Dortmund, Germany, on
October 30, 1976 (radio broadcast)

Gil Evans,piano,conductor,arranger
George Adams,tenor saxophone
John Faddis/Lew Soloff,trumpets
Janice Robinson,trombone
John Clark,French horn
Bob Stewart,tuba
Van Manacas,guitar
Pete Levin,synth
Mike Richmond,bass
Sue Evans,drums,tympani
Rahsaan Roland Kirk,reeds,harmonica (2,3)

1. Intro/Thoroughbred [B.Harper] (14:00)
2. Intro/Rhythm-A-Ning [T.Monk] (07:10)
3. Theme For The Eulipians [R.R.Kirk] (10:02)
4. Freedom [J.Hendrix] (10:13)
5. Priestess [B.Harper] (19:08)

Total Time 1:00:36


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Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Arcturus said...

well, this is really special -- looking fwd to hear Rahsaan on Priestess - one of Evans' best bands, btw

Jake Shields said...

This is a surprise - can't wait to hear it. Thanks.

ruskaval said...

Thanks, bro!

Anonymous said...

Wow! George Russell followed by Gil Evans - two of my favourite jazz people and linked by the fact that I was due to see Gil back in 1988. Unfortunately he died shortly before the gig and it was introduced by...George Russell.

Look forward to hearing this.

hulaboy said...

mahalo, riccardo!

Anonymous said...

Great concert. Track 3 is Theme for the Eulipians. It is a Roland Kirk composition.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot and a lot, Riccardo !!! very rare, as your previous GE/Lee Konitz post ! Track 2 is Monks' "Rythm-a-ning", Track 4 is Jimi Hendrix "Freedom", so it's a unique piece in GE playing the Hendrix repertory, as I don't know any other version by the GEO.


carlo87 said...

Magnificent, thank you

David said...

is it possible to repost please? Thanks!

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Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

You're really offering a treasure of reup's.

francisco santos said...

TOTALLY WITH Ernst!...mew23 those are TRESURES (and ALL WELL KEEPED)...

OSIRIS said...

Thanks again for this treasure!

ritzbird said...

Many thanks for the re-up, NOW I can grab it !