21 November 2009

Julius Hemphill Quartet - Live in Verona '80

This performance took place just few hours after the group had finished
the recording of "Flat-Out Jump Suite" at Barigozzi Studio in Milan.
The Verona Festival programme quoted at the trumpet Baikida Carroll,
then worthily replaced by Olu Dara.

Rec. live at "Teatro Romano", Verona, Italy, on June 5, 1980
(mix recording)

Julius Hempill,alto & soprano saxophones
Olu Dara,trumpet
Abdul Wadud,cello
Warren Smith,drums

1. Heart (16:46)
2. Body (24:46)
3. Unknown (14:07)
4. Unknown (09:41)
5. Unknown (17:01)

Total Time 1:22:22


riccardo said...

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freebones said...

i LOVE hemphill's tp/cel/reed/dr stuff!

thanks a ton for this awesome boot!


matt w said...

Really looking forward to this. Hemphill's solo work is a favorite, and it'll be good to hear them stretch out on the Jump Suite.

trane said...

Thanks again Riccardo, yet another great post!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much Riccardo. This looks very interesting.

alec said...

Thank you, Riccardo for yet another treasure for all of us to enjoy!

farosanderson said...

cheers for this posting, looks very interesting, given the relative paucity of Hemphill's recorded output any additional offering are always welcome.

Unknown said...

Many thanks Riccardo!

For all this music you've been posting,
Is terrific!!

Arcturus said...

one of my all-time favorite performers/composers - gratitude goes deep here . . .

SOTISE said...

THANKS again for the unexpected Riccardo..... Flat out jump suite is one of my favourites! ... same line up and highly recommended to those who dont know it.. recorded the same year.... black saint 120040

velobrewer said...

A great post indeed! Julius Hemphill live with this steaming quartet. Wow. Thanks.

Hookfinger said...

I am simply amazed at what I find buried here when I take the time to poke around. You people are wonderful for sharing and keeping this alive. Many thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Any chance of a flac reup? That would be fantastic. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

it's fantastic music
please re up in flac
with james carter montreal
& all jayne cortez

my hard disc is dead

many thanks

JazzHound said...

Hmmmm. Yes! Please allow me to also say a flac reup would be a wonderful thing!

mew23 said...

New link

francisco santos said...


jeff said...

What a Fucking Band!!!!! A little bit of hiss but what a BEAUTIFUL recording!!!
Very thankful to hear this performance!
Everyone is on point... and Wadud, to me, had to be one of Hemphill's best foils.... As well as one of my favorite cellists.
Thank you for the re-posting this and the other Hemphill's, mew23.
Riccardo, wish I'd had the chance to discuss some of these shows with you. Grazie.
Man, on Body (track 2), when Hemphill busts into that hard blues (no pun intended) at about 6:45.mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Then beauty ensues...........