11 October 2009

ROVA Saxophone Quartet - Live in Moers '79

rova sax 4

This was the first European concert for the ROVA S.Q.
and i think, that i was really lucky to be there, that
evening, with my tape recorder.

Rec. Live in Moers, Germany, on June 2nd, 1979
(mics recording)

Jon Raskin,baritone,alto & soprano saxes,Bb clarinet
Larry Ochs,tenor,alto & sopranino saxes
Andrew Voigt,alto,soprano & sopranino saxes
Bruce Ackley,alto and soprano saxes,Bb clarinet

1. Daredevils (08:13)
2. Unknown (16:51)
3. Unknown (10:43)
4. Jon Raskin Solo (05:59)
5. Unknown (02:24)
6. Flamingo Horizons (13:16)
7. Unknown (07:33)

Total Time 1:05:02


riccardo said...

mp3 (135 MB) :

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bruce said...

Was this the same tour as "Saxophone Diplomacy"?

riccardo said...

"Saxophone Diplomacy" was recorded during the Est Europe tour on June 1983

serviceton said...

pretty sure I posted links here somewhere in the comments way back for Saxophone Diplomacy by ROVA.
Many older titles have pleasingly come back into print on Hat, but sadly, this doesn't seem to be one of them.

serviceton said...

..here in fact

And an unreleased Live ROVA recording posted by gsrbrts2 which is the main page item

serviceton said...

riccardo, you were lucky to be there, you're right. Thanks for recording it, and making the recording available here. Excellent!
Ancora, grazie !

mew23 said...


JazzHound said...

Note the picture is too recent... that's Steve Adams (second from left) who replaced Andrew Voigt