5 September 2009

Dave Burrell & Leena Conquest - Live in Rome '08

A wonderful recording that "Ilario" sent to me some
days ago : for the outstanding sound quality i've thought
that the wav format was absolutely necessary, even
because listening to Dave Burrell playing a Fazioli piano
is just a delight!

Live broadcast recorded at Sala A of CPRF in Via Asiago 10,
Rome, Italy, on December 4th, 2008

Dave Burrell,Fazioli piano
Leena Conquest,vocal and dance

01. announcements by Dave Burrell (1:00)
02. Intuitively (7:15)
03. Crucificado (3:53)
04. announcements by Dave Burrell (0:10)
05. Downfall (5:40)
06. Teardrops For Jimmy (6:31)
07. announcements by Dave Burrell (0:29)
08. Black Robert (4:31)
09. announcements by Dave Burrell (0:27)
10. So Spiritual (4:55)
11. announcements by Dave Burrell (0:28)
12. Fade To Black (7:16)
13. Cela me va (3:48)
14. announcements by Dave Burrell (0:09)
15. With A Little Time (5:43)
16. The Box (2:37)
17. Expansion (encore) (5:39)

Total Time 57:16

All composition by Dave Burrell and texts by Monika Larsson.


riccardo said...

lame (121 MB) :

wav (372) :

Wallofsound said...

What a wonderful surprise to greet me on an overcast Sunday morning. many thanks riccardo.

Kreilly said...

Flac is lossless.

roberto t. said...

Wonderful post, thank you! I've chased this lady when she started her collaboration with William Parker till I finally saw her perform. This duo is well balanced and takes the best from both artists, a real joy!

quique said...

please, more dave burrell!!!

guairao said...

Many thanks for this great duo

zeca74 said...

Thanks a lot

ElPhoq said...

Great thanks !