12 July 2009

Muhal Richard Abrams & Fred Anderson - Live in Verona '79

One of the rare performances in duo by these
two Greats of the AACM.

Rec. live at "Sala della Guardia", Verona,
Italy, on May 20th, 1979 (mics recording)

Muhal Richard Abrams,piano
Fred Anderson,tenor saxophone

1. Track #1 (43:41)
2. Track #2 (47:29)
2. Encore (08:12)

Total Time 1:39:23


riccardo said...

lame (227 MB) :

flac (663 MB) :

Wallofsound said...

Thanks for sharing this. very much looking forward to listening.

alec said...

Riccardo, many thank you's!! Two of my favorite musicians playing together as a duo (don't think I have heard them together before.) If you are sitting on a whole collection of Abrams shows I won't stop you from posting them, lol, but this one along with the other two are very appreciated by me and I am sure a bunch of other folks. I have been trying to get a copy of an MRA sextet from 73 for a couple of years. If I ever do succeed in getting it I will upload in the comments at some point.
many hugs,

wightdj said...

Thanks for this extended gem.

troy1128 said...

Wow, thank you!

kike hurtado said...

A big thanks to Riccardo for sharing this terrific recording on Richard Abrams and Fred Anderson.

Just amazing, don't miss this one!

best, Kike.

jw_natural said...

Practically every weekend of the three months I spent in Chicago were spent in Fred's club, The Velvet Lounge. Thanx for sharing this.

mk said...

Sounds interesting, will give them a closer look. thanks for the upload

hookfinger said...

An interesting workout. Thanks for sharing.

Arnon Gilboa said...

Many thanks for this inspiring show. Fred Anderson, born 80 years ago, still has a beautiful and unique voice even on his latest recordings. check out "From the River to the Ocean" (and actually all his stuff...)

hideo said...

can hardly wait for this live set


drlag said...

Marvelous! Thank you so much for sharing this.

Eric/KMB Jazz said...

Listening to the beginning of this, obviously some time after DLing it. Really interesting and atypical start, Anderson is doing stuff that sounds microtonal, Muhal is playing very sparsely. It begins to build into something more like what one would expect from these two eventually, just a real curveball to hear these two playing so non-idiomatically. I don't mean this as a slight to either one, but (especially Anderson) they do have very distinctive ways of playing.

David said...

Hi, is it possible to reup please? Thanks!