29 July 2009

Anthony Davis & James Newton Quartet - Live in Moers '79

For "jazz flute" lover(s) here is a very good concert
by one of the finest groups (in my opinion) of the
late seventies. The highlight is, without doubt,
"Meditations on Integration" : tribute to the Genius
passed away few months before.

Rec. live at the 8th Moers Festival, Moers, Germany,
on June 3rd, 1979 (mics recording)

James Newton,flute
Anthony Davis,piano
Rick Rozie,bass
Pheeroan akLaff,drums

1. Lake [J.Newton] (10:02)
2. Of Blues And Dreams [A.Davis] (25:15)
3. Hocket In The Pocket [A.Davis] (08:30)
4. Pinky Below [J.Newton] (16:04)
5. Meditations On Integration [C.Mingus] (27:38)
6. Encore [Unknown] (11:19)

Total Time 1:38:52


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Anonymous said...

Very nice offering, riccardo! Thanks

Anonymous said...

Molte grazie.

sasha said...

Great post!! Totally agree with your view of this group's standing..The India Navigation recording of this quartet is the only other one I know..Would be cool to hear any other examples folk have.

Anonymous said...

Wunderbar Riccardo, vielen dank!

sotise said...

ive just listened to this , its wonderful ... thanks riccardo!

Weekend Hippie said...

Many thanks!

Andy I said...

I'm enjoying this, thank you. Funny,at a time when I'm doubting that I'm being moved by the music so much, I come across this site and I'm having a ball! I'm very much like the idea of sharing music that goes on here. I'd like to put some of my recordings here for others to enjoy. Hmmm...I wonder how you do that?

onxidlib said...

@ Andy I

what do you need to know?

You can drop me a mail.

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Please re-up somebody!

edm said...

Hello, would it be possible to have this Moers and the Roma recordings, as well as "Anthony Davis & Douglas Ewart - Live in Verona '79" available again? I have the Saalfelden Jazz festival 1979 one if you're interested.

Thank in advance!

Jay Lord said...

Please re-up. This looks awesome. Thanks

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Re-up (flac)
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