5 January 2009

The Sea Ensemble- Donald Rafael Garrett and Zuzann 'Kali' Fasteau Garrett' Manzara AND after Nature 1977 (red records VPA 122 &130)

Now for the icing on on Anon P's EXTREMELY RICH..and GENEROUSLY proportioned cake.
A couple of albums of incredible free improvisations which are extremely eclectic and feature elements and material inspiration from all over the world, this is no slick lame ethno fusion.
Nor do the 'world music' inflections feel like gimmicky super impositions ,used purely for added colour.
No affectation here whatsoever, these records are qualitatively similar to the best of Don Cherry's explorations in this vein.

No question either of the abstract nature of the music here, heartfelt deeply thoughtful music at that.
No mere fusion ,but rather a very personal synthesis.
Most here will remember Donald Rafael Garrett as having played with John Coltrane (kulu se mama, ascension)Joseph Jarman,and Muhal Richard Abrahms among others.
Kali z. fasteau Continues the legacy on her own label.

here's an excerpted review of 'memoirs of a dream' fasteau's recent double cd release of previously unissued Sea Ensemble material.

“The vintage of the tapes is somewhat problematic to the sound quality of the performances, particularly on the second disc, but this pales in importance to the beautiful sounds that are unveiled. The first disc presents two studio pieces, both of which make use of overdubbing to allow Fasteau and Garrett to add a second layer of instruments. Garrett’s bass and balafon merge with Fasteau’s harp and piano on “Zenith” in an oscillating dance of binary rhythms. Soon the former’s corpulent strings stretch across a spiraling progression radiated from Fasteau’s ivories. Further along in the temporal continuum Fasteau’s piquant cello streaks playful brush strokes against a clattering, vaguely metallic percussive canvas. “Bamboo Groove” is more grounded than it’s companion. Rooted firmly with Garrett’s rich bass shakuhachi anchor Fasteau’s ghostly nai sails emotively above before joining with clarinet, and later voices, to create a fathomless aquatic landscape of brightly plumed harmonic cilia.

“Disc Two gathers performances from a public concert the pair gave in Turkey opening with the greeting that could fit well as the overarching mantra for this entire set, “welcome to a feast of sound and movement…non-sound and non-movement…eat heartily and chew your food.” Audiophile listeners willing to sift through the thin veil of static will find aural treasures beneath. Broken into eleven interlocking fragments, the performance covers a wide range of emotions and sonorities. Passages blend from one to the next and several of the pieces seem devoid of an appreciable beginning or end, but this kind of cyclical framework appears integral to the Sea Ensemble’s sound and esthetic. Garrett and Fasteau even touch on the cosmic influence of Sun Ra turning in an ethereal rendition of his “Calling Planet Earth” to the tune of oscillating shakuhachis. Compared to the studio offerings on the first disc these in-the-moment creations have a visceral facet to their execution that is easily intoxicating.

“With Garrett’s passing the Sea Ensemble necessarily dissolved, but Fasteau has continued her investigations into improvised music, releasing a half dozen or so recordings in the last few years (predominantly on Flying Note). This worthwhile set works as a beautiful point of ingress into her earlier work with Garrett as well as a stirring testament to the time they shared together, and will hopefully garner a wide audience.”
Anon ,thanks again for these exceptional records.

Red Record, VPA 130, 1977
side 1:
1. INFINITY 13.25
Garrett - bass, voice
Fasteau - cello, voice
2. EVLENMEK 4.20
Garrett - sol clarinet
Fasteau - ramazan, divul
side 2:
3. OH YEAH 6.56
Garrett - bass, ney, voice, flute
Fasteau - sheng, voice, casabash, sansa
4. FEZA'S SONG 5.55
Fasteau - sol clarinet
Garrett - bass flute, voice
Milan, 22/7/77

side 1:
side 2:
4. BINALI 7.00
5. YOLAN 7.45
Don Rafael Garrett & Zusaan Fasteau Garrett - voices, clarinets, piano, contrabass, cello, shakuhachi, ney, sansa, sheng, tambour, cumbus, percussion & more
Milano 22.2.77


sotise said...

After Nature
320 kbs

320 kbs

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Sotise and the others,
for the beautiful music and
generosity.Happy prezent life to


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il angelo said...

Thanks you all, latest posts have been just incredible.

cinq said...

thank you very much sotise/anon, for this and previous posts.

Anonymous said...

Last time I saw/heard Rafael was in the bank room of the old Jazz Record Mart. He was sitting in with Hal Russell's NRG Ensemble. My wife took a number of pics. He was a warm spirit.

Chuck Nessa

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the neighbourhood, Chuck. An honour and a pleasure to have your company.

htakat said...

wonderful upload and music ,thanks a lot for this

ipofrigio said...

Most here will remember Donald Rafael Garrett as having played with John Coltrane (kulu se mama, ascension)

Actually Garrett was not in "Ascension".

Andy said...

Thank you. I like this.