28 December 2008

Paul Motian trio- live in Bremen 13/9 /1977

Some one emailed me months ago asking if i had any unofficial material by Motian's trio with Bill Frisell and Joe Lovano.. i don't.

Paul Motian ,one of the great modern jazz drummers was perhaps as instrumental in emancipating the drums from the rigid role Of mere time keeping, and developing the concept of free time as Sunny Murray and Andrew Cyrille.. you hear freedoms on The Bill Evans village vanguard records from 1961 that were unparallelled in their day,a fact that's due more to the fluid and spontaneous role of the rhythm section than to anything Evan's plays.
This concert feature my favourite Motian group of all time..they only made one album 'Dance' for ECM, one of the enduring classics of the late 70's.
There's so little Charles Brackeen on record.. that one wonders how some one with such prodigious gifts has been so neglected by the 'industry',Brackeen is prominently featured on both tenor and soprano saxes.
Masterful bassist David Izenzon, stretches out like you've never heard him....at least not on record.

this is a beautifully detailed recording in superb sound... many thanks to the Tapers Seeders Traders..whom ever they be.
Paul Motian Trio

Charles Brackeen ts, ss
David Izenzon b
Paul Motian dr

1) 10:40 Asia
2) 11:16 Prelude
3) 07:55 Lullaby
4) 10:13 Yala
5) 08:55 Abacus
6) 10:52 Waltz Song
7) 11:42 Victoria
8) 12:15 Dance
9) 02:03 Calypso

all compositions by Paul Motian

Source/Lineage: FM –
rating A+


SOTISE said...
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Robin said...

Just what I want to listen to on a cold December morning in Manchester ... many thanks

Boromir said...

This looks very interesting sotise. You're quite right about there not being many examples of Brackeen available. "Rhythm X" is still available on Pharoah's Dance blog

Well worth a listen - very Ornette Coleman style.

LYM said...
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LYM said...

@ sotise,
Christmas time is gone away… but Santa everyday is here with an amazing gift! So great THANKS to You for all your generosity, good taste and rare musical critical mind. Almost everytime I read a contribution from You I think: “oh Yes I agree, that’s what I was thinking too not so clearly, this man should have a deep musical mind (and great ears!) for he has understood the meaning of a musical world and thanks him I’m understanding a little more”.

In my short (and incomplete) list of favourite "post free" (!?) musicians, one important missing is Paul Motian.: a master drummer marvellous musician and as composer.
I totally agree (as usual?) with Your criticizing: Izenzon is a marvel (I’m listenin’ to his solo on Lullaby!) It’s unbelievable that Brackeen (almost never heard him) has been totally neglected.
I can add some considerations.
The contribution of Paul Motian to the Bill Evans trio in terms of rhytmical freedom and timbrical definition has yet to be studied and understand. The whole Motian legacy and contribution to the last 50 years of jazz history that is still underrated if not neglected, so are his “arranging” and compositional skills. I used the term arranging since I find in his musical conception of freedom some of the same intuition of the Gil Evans band in the seventies, and I’m supposing how should that band sound good with Motian on drums.

Here I find the same sound and at least musical project of the Jarrett group with Haden and Redman, Jarrett has never touched me I’ve always though the he is most smart than musically deep, for sure he isn’t a genius, isn’t an innovator and here is the confirmation of what I couldn’t clear understand till now: the Jarrett’s quartet musical project must pay a great debt to Mr. Paul Motian.
One of the most interesting and original proposal, mostly from a compositional and structural point of view musicians of late ’70 and ’80 is, in my opinion, that of Tim Berne. One of his germinal groups, that recorded three times between 1981 and 1983, had Ed Schuller on bass and Paul Motian on drums. Worth saying that the Motian role in the musical definition is, as always, not secondary.
The “definitive” Berne’s drummer is perhaps Joey Baron whose debt to Motian’s drumming hasn’t been evaluated yet.

This is not a good live record but a little masterpiece: Motian and Izenzon are astonishing and Brackeen always very good, not a record to listen to in a cold December morning, as someone said, but every time You can!

Thanks Again SOTISE!!!
See YOU.  LYM

If anyone here can be interested in I’ve just posted in CIA and Dark Blue Notes my first vinyl rip of the almost rare and (at least to my ears) exciting Perdas de Fogu of the Sardinian bass player and composer named Marcello Melis. With Sheila Jordan, Mario Schiano and Don Pullen amon others.

Anonymous said...

Great selection Sotise, a fine set!

8mmbolex said...

brilliant post. many thanks!

wightdj said...

Another favorite band of mine. Thanks!

Neroon001 said...

I was listening to the Bill Evans vanguard cd this morning and was most impressed at the drumming and the bass player and tonight I began looking for some Paul Motion to listen to,what a post ! this is great I will be listening to this for quite awhile thank you very much

Anonymous said...

Dance has always been a personal favorite. Worshippers Come Nigh isn't bad either. Brackeen and Motian, together or seperately, always welcome. Many thanks

Anonymous said...

Hello, I just wanted to thank you for all the valuable information and excellent music samples.
Compared to Top40 pops pap, the chance to be exposed to advanced Jazz is rare indeed.
Blogs like this offer the opportunity to sample artists' work and broaden one's tastes.
I come from an avant garde "classical" music background, with not much knowledge of advanced Jazz, and don't have any special knowledge to share, but just wanted to express my appreciation! I really like a lot of what I find here!

LYM said...

thanks a lot for the appreciation! Even If this wasn't a post by me here a would thanks sotise again for this marvellous concert and for having invited me here. I hope YOu could enjoy the other posts here. You can find a lot of fine music in this magical place called Inconstant sol.


velobrewer said...

Marvelously superb...in content and sound. For me, as a fan of Mr. Motian for over 35 years, a wellspring of joy and utter exhilaration to be able to hear this, fresh and new to my ears all these years later. We sit tonight and immerse ourselves in the sound of it, mesmerized. Thank you.

Mario said...

Paul Motian is, along with Ed Blackwell and Elvin Jones, one of the absolute most important musical influences in my life as a drummer. Thank you for this. I've discovered it in a crucial moment, and I'm thankful for it.


SlimStew said...

Thank you for this treasure! All the more bittersweet with Mr. Motian's passing.

joesh said...


Just browsing this on Christmas morning (2013). Shame the links are no longer working. If you ever feel inspired to re-post this I'd love to hear it (and the previous post also).

Thanks in advance....Merry Christmas!

Unknown said...

any chance of a re-upload?

Colin Green said...

A re-up would be welcome.