16 December 2008

Frank Wright-Andrew Cyrille - Set 2

Links to flac version of 2nd set in comments. I'm sure someone will convert and post an MP3 version if anyone wants one.


Boromir said...

Flac links


lc said...

thank you so much, Boromir, for over indulging the rest of us.

and here you go with the mp3 files.


Wallofsound said...

Thank you for sharing.

david_grundy said...

Thanks Boromir!

1009 said...

Thanks for these, Boromir, & thanks lc for the mp3 conversion. (You just beat me to it!)

I really enjoyed the first set. I was going to clean it up a bit due to the loud tape noise early on, but found that when I did that it really messed with the loud parts in the middle, so I just kept it as is. & let's be honest, most of us are not downloading this for the quiet parts!

Anonymous said...

Thanks much, I love this blog but honestly I got most of this stuff on SLSK years ago, where I participate like Zotoichi.

"Please help yourself to a cup of tea" Joshu (Mu).


Volkan Terzioglu said...

Thanks to you guys.
The links are dead. Any possiblity to reup or am I doing sth wrong?

lc said...

hello Volkan,
'just checked both the FLAC and the mp3 files and everything seems to be alright.

Boromir said...

Obviously anything that was recorded 25 years ago is likely to have been aired on some forum or other in the past. I don't think any of us claim to be bringing anything truly original to the site, but bear in mind a lot of people have never heard it, and I didn't notice you offering to post it (or anything else for that matter) for others to enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I do my part, I have very little experience with the blogs still but in the future I hope to participate more, now on SLSK is another story, I am sharing one of the largest collections of Cecil Taylor live items around, over 65 items and you all can find me there under the name of magickalalphobet, so go on SLSK, add me to your user list, send me a note, I will add you to my user list and you can get at this stuff. Hope that is OK. Hey Dale when am I going to see you over there?


Anonymous said...

Superfreak: Anything (e.g. 65 CT's) you choose to share here among this committed circle of jazz lovers would be greatly appreciated, I believe.

As to slsk, I never could get their software to work properly, (unlike Dime) so I gave up with them. But then I'm no computer wizard.

Anonymous said...

Make sure you have the latest version, go into the FAQ, goto the SLSK guide for dummies, 60,000,000 people cant be wrong. Of course most of them don't care for freejazz. You can do this, just follow the steps carefully and you will be withit in one hour max, see you there. I don't want to stress this blog which a deeply appreciate, so you must act to uphold the Dharma, I will leave it at that. good luck!


jake said...

The problem with Soulseek for me is that it doesn't work with Mac and when I installed and ran Soulseex the Mac version it eats up all of my memory. Even bittorrent doesn't do that.

1009 said...

If I can comment briefly on the music here--

Very grateful to hear this second set. Is it just me or is the sound quality quite a bit better? It also strikes me as a more varied set. If you picked up the 1st don't miss this one!

Anonymous said...

Hi, well apparently no one gave a crap about my offer cause I did not hear from one person. What does that say that not one person was willing to follow a few steps to get at the nicest collection of live Cecil Taylor recordings around. If you just woke up, see my earlier comments to get where you want to go.. -TheSuperFreak

Pim van Tol said...

Wow, thanks a lot for this! So this is a bootleg? Very interesting material!




sambeck2001 said...

SuperFreak: i tried to meet you at slsk, but it didn't work. i'm really interested in that CT live performances. i am participating as sambeck2001. Maybe you can drop me a line at my own place:


thanks in advance


Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Part 2 (this one) and part 1 links > https://inconstantsol.blogspot.de/2008/12/frank-wrightandrew-cyrille-live.html