11 December 2008

Andrew Cyrille-'Junction' (why not/Trio japan -lp pa-71)1976

Something special..
a stunning set, from one of my very favourite musicians...this has been out of circulation way too long.
as much as i like Sunny Murray ,Milford Graves,Tony Oxley ..and DOZENS OF OTHERS
Andrew Cyrille is the master post free, jazz drummer as far as i'm concerned ...nothing i can say here will do the man justice.

He first came to prominence in the mid 60's appearing on classic Walt Dickerson quartet dates for prestige 'new jazz 'and audio fidelity..he'd also previously recorded with Coleman Hawkins among others.
most here will know him as Cecil Taylors drummer of a dozen or so years standing..his most conceptually in tune drummer from my point of view.

The late 70's was an era of creative resurgence and eclectic syntheses after the Dead End, purveyance of slick Light weight fusion,and the grotesque formulaic excesses of would be funksters and card board cut out hard boppers.

A certain postmodern sensibility seemed to flower out of the ashes of what some might call the 2nd wave of the 'new thing', that sensibility was of course already present in the work of members of the AACM... irony and savage satire co-existing with playful homage..even reverence for the past.

Cyrilles band Moano was there in the midst of it all drawing on and combining stylistic elements of all previous subgenres in jazz and whatever else they felt like using.
for Me the great enduring classic in this vein is Cyrille and moano's Meta Musicians stomp(1978) on black saint .
ON the other hand they sometimes also laid down ferocious freely improvised sets, this is perhaps more "free" but none the less compelling.
its clear that some of the 'tunes'owe something to cecil taylor's shamans chant, no surprise given that Cyrille ,Daniel, and Ware were at the time all still members of CT's unit.

ted daniel plays mostly electric trumpet and flugelhorn(uncredited)here..sounding more than a bit like the forbear of what T.Kondo often does in the classic Die like a dog quartet dates on FMP.
anyone who likes this ought to check out virtually anything Cyrille has ever done... starting with metamusicians stomp 1978, Nuba 1979, and special people 1980
all excellent black saint release.

'junction was recorded live at Sam Rivers rivbea studios may 3rd 1976 ...and at wollman auditorium, Columbia university on june 12 1976
Cyrille- perc,sanza,voice, composer
Ted Daniel-trpt ,flugelhorn, flute
lisle Atkinson-db
David S Ware-tenor sax

covers included in both fl ac and lame files.
BTW/ I'm willing to be schooled in the finer points of photographing images and record covers ..i only have a cheap 6 mega pixel camera, and find it excruciatingly difficult.

for those having problems with the vbr link ...try this


wightdj said...

Great band, thanks for sharing.

zebtron said...

sotise-you're knocking yourself out here lately, another great and rare post. I'm with you on your assessment of Cyrille. No matter how "out" the music, he always makes it dance.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for another great post, but the VBR link don't work.

Jean K said...

wow - thanks!

trumpetaaa said...

great record many thanks !!

Newk said...

Looking forward to hearing this one. I just sold off the Cyrille album w/Ted Daniel and Sonelius Smith among many other LPs to uh...eat, so this makes a nice substitute. Does anyone have the Cyrille album Celebration or the one with Jimmy Lyons and Jeanne Lee called Nuba?

1009 said...

I have the Nuba record, wch I downloaded off of emusic. (They just picked up the whole Soul Note/Black Saint catalog.) The bitrate is pretty modest, though (172-196 kbps). I can post it if folks think it'd be appropriate.

Keri said...

Listened to side A which is just beautiful, thanks. However, when I checked parts 2 & 3 of the flac files they seemed to both have the covers without side 2.

sotise said...

my modem's been out of commission for a week....im back.
anon ..the vbr links are fine.
Keri...you should have three files
side a 1...side a 2....2'30''
side b....
its all there....ive just checked....
sometimes downloads fail, for various reasons...download it again.

emerald blue said...

dear sotise, can you please do something with the mp3 link?

the flac is too big for my resources...

sotise said...

emerald blue..the link worked for me.
try this

AlexMachen said...

looking at Cyrille Ware pair i wondering does somebody have an album of Rashied Ali where Charles Gayle was first recordered?

emerald blue said...

thank you very much for the new link, sotise. this one worked fine. I'm an admirer of d.s.ware and my earliest recordings of him are from '77 - BIRTH OF A BEING (w.GENE Y.ASHTON aka COOPER-MOORE & MARC D.EDWARDS) and '78 - FROM SILENCE TO MUSIC (w.JEAN-CHARLES CAPON). so this cyrille date precedes them, making me curious about his sound... oh, I just remember this cecil taylor enja disc, that might be done before JUNCTION: CECIL TAYLOR - DARK TO THEMSELVES (w.RAPHE MALIK / JIMMY LYONS / DAVID S.WARE / MARC EDWARDS).

tmorange said...

thanks sotise -- this recording is super hard to find!

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is great - thank you!

Anonymous said...

Here attaching Andrew Cyrille - Celebration, ripped from vynil. This album includes tunes of several aspect, from ethnic, typical free style, electric music. Enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

Here attaching Andrew Cyrille - Celebration, ripped from vynil. I have already attached this to the part of Maono. But, as I guess it would be easier to find out, again I attach here.

This album includes tunes of several aspect, from ethnic, typical free style, electric music. Enjoy it!

SOTISE said...

new rip


Javier Roz said...

Thanks Sotise. What a beautiful one!

funksta said...

Please reup, thanks for the incredible music!