26 October 2008

Globe Unity Orchestra- improvisations 1978 (japo lp 60021)

In response to a recent request , here is another pristine rip by glmr.
just a quick post ..im supposed to be playing a gig later tonight and need to prepare.
i wont go on , but simply allow this magnificent document to speak for itself.
if anyone on this board wishes to edit this post and add a write up OR BETTER COVER SCANS..please feel free.
check the archives for an earlier post of the companion lp "compositions " from a year or so later.


1/ Improvisation 1 (Globe Unity) 10:14
2/ Improvisation 2 (Globe Unity) 6:31
3/ Improvisation 3 (Globe Unity) 6:20
4/ Improvisation 4 (Globe Unity) 23:14

Recorded at Tonstudio Bauer, Ludwigsburg (Germany), September 1977

Kenny Wheeler: trumpet; Manfred Schoof: trumpet; Gunter Christmann: trombo-
ne; Albert Mangelsdorff: trombone; Paul Rutherford: trombone; Gerd Dudek:
flute, soprano, tenor; Evan Parker: soprano, tenor; Peter Brotzmann: alto,
tenor, bass clarinet; Michel Pilz: bass clarinet; Derek Bailey: guitar;
Tristan Honsinger: cello; Alex Von Schlippenbach: piano; Peter Kowald: bass,
tuba; Buschi Niebergall: bass; Paul Lovens: drums.

1978 - Japo Records (Germany), Japo 60021 (LP)
???? - Japo/Trio (Japan), PAP 9184 (LP)

many thanks to Nuno for the cover photo!!
added oct 4th


sotise said...



angelito said...

muchas gracias por haber atendido mi petición.Este blog es excelente y permite obtener joyas musicales descatalogadas.Gracias nuevamente.
Thank you very much for linkin´ my request.This blog is great and we can download magnificent oop records.Thank you again.

Wallofsound said...

Many thanks for sharing. This is a GUO I don't have.

Tantris said...

Great - there is no other music quite like this. I have a GUO concert from August this year (the Mulhouse free jazz festival) which I will post here within the next few days. Thanks
-- T

kinabalu said...

I do have this platter - a timely reminder to dig it out again. Thanks to both of ya. I'll see if I can't do a scan (or more precisely, a digital photo) of the backside once I'm back at home base again. Holed up in the Balkans at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Hi sotise,
I just came across by chance on this blog... what i have to say? Absolutely great! I'll spent some time researching the old posts, for sure!
About this one: I do have a great scan of both front & back sleeves, in a jpeg file. How can i send it to you to post it?

sotise said...

Nuno, hi and thanks...if you like send the pic's to dipmong@hotmail.com

the gut said...

nice one. I have that other JAPO-LP, Compositions, but it's not really that good. This is most likely better, and more in line with the other Globe Unity records. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

¡Excelente! ¡Muchas gracias! La serie Japo... Recuerdo en los 80 ver en un catálogo que venía dentro de un vinilo ECM... Nunca pensé que algún día podría oírlos...
Gracias... Muchas gracias...