20 September 2008


Two concerts from AMM, at once similar and contrasting. 

The first is an FM recording from WDR of a 1994 concert in Bielefeld, from a series entitled "Mobil - Offene Form mit Variations", and features the cellist from the Arditti String Quartet;

16th May, 1994
Ravensberger Spinnerei, Bielefeld, Germany

Eddie Prevost - drums & percussion
John Tilbury -  piano, announcements
Keith Rowe - electric guitar
Rohan de Saram - cello

The music includes;

Cornelius Cardew - Solo with Accompaniment for 2 instruments ad libitum
Christian Wolff - for 1, 2 or 3 people, any sound producing means
John Cage - Variations III for arbitrary number of players and arbitrary sound originators
Howard Skempton - for strings (waves, shingle, seagulls)
Cornelius Cardew - February pieces for piano (#2)
AMM - improvisation for piano, guitar, violoncello and drums

A very good quality recording - thank you very much, Owombat, for making this available.

The second concert is AMM as a duo, from earlier this year, and was a concert recorded at Aula Magna dell'Università La Sapienza di Roma on 11th March, 2008 (and broadcast on RAI3 on 6th September). The music is similar, but the interpretation has moved on.

John Tilbury - piano 

Eddie Prevost - percussion

Cornelius Cardew; Piano Solo with Accompaniment
Cornelius Cardew; Unintended Piano Music
John Tilbury/Eddie Prevost; Improvisation AMM


Tantris said...

FLAC only at the moment



I hope you enjoy these - I may add some more AMM material in the comments below as I get time.

Anonymous said...

The Rome performance is a masterpiece of subtlety from two very wise old men.

david_grundy said...

These are lovely - and may I ask what are these pictures you've used to illustrate the post? They're just perfect.

dalemcbdnl said...

Very evocative music and graphics. I'm certainly in agreement that the Rome performances were nuanced and dramatic. I also liked the Bielefeld concert. Good sound on both.


Tantris said...

The photos are just of a ceiling in a building in Arezzo, Italy. (The tourist office, actually!)

sotise said...

brilliant ..thanks tantris.
something well worth salivating over!

jazzme said...

Is there any chance of a mp3 of this , I do know how to deal with flac . The problem is , it will tie me up for hours as it takes 2.5 hours just for part 1 , if it is not possible that's fine no big deal just asking . Really liked the Athens stuff thx to the poster

Anonymous said...

thanks tantris, nice to see this here

lc said...

I screAMM, you screAMM, we all screAMM for ... AMM.

that's the Jim Jarmush's DOWN BY LAW fan talking.

Anonymous said...

will the mp3 of this will follow ?
thx for all !

Anonymous said...

mp3(s), please.

wightdj said...

Thanks, perfect for this weekend.

just duets said...

thanks for the gem. big fan of Arditti String Quartet. Rohan de Saram the cellist left them a few years ago to continue as a soloist. actually Luciano Berio wrote one of his Sequenza's for him. i'm not sure if he has any individual recordings but he is spread all over with a few pieces. maybe considered the best contemporary cello player.

i found a new clip with him:


gomo said...

1994 concert seems to be deleted because of inactivity.
Could you repost them if you still have the recordings?
Unfortunate is that Rohan has released too few recordings outside Arditti...

jackalope said...

Hi, another late comer to this post echoing gomo's request for a repost of the 1994 Bielefeld show from anyone who has it. The second one is still alive at this point and I'm looking forward to it - Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to request a repost of Bielefield too!

Andy said...

And me!

SOTISE said...

Rome-La Sapienza di Roma 2008

SOTISE said...

AMM -Bielefeld , 1994, Flac
re-up, 25-8-013

Javier Roz said...

I am a AMM lover. Many, many thanks for keep these two live recordings alive Sotise. Both are great!

Anonymous said...

links are dead

Nick said...

So they are.

Andy said...

He's right you know.

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...


Thaddeus Milne said...

Aw, man! I got excited when I saw this post. Does anyone have the files they could re-up? It'd make my day, if that makes a difference to you....

You guys are the best just for putting this stuff out there!