22 July 2008

Sun Ra Santa Cruz 1987

Kuumbwa Jazz Center, Santa Cruz, California. 5/10/87. Broadcast over KUSP-FM. 93 min. Not the complete show. Excellent sound. (Rebroadcast on WKCR Sun Ra memorial show, 6/8/93)

1st set:
unidentified improvisation (incl. Patrick, as; Wilson, ts; Allen or Gilmore, EVI)
unidentified improvisation (Ra, p; Davis, as)
East of the Sun (Bowman) (Gilmore, voc; Ra, p and syn)
[It's Only a] Paper Moon (Rose-Harburg-Arlen) (Jenkins, voc; several verses added by Jenkins)
Frisco Fog (Carr-Roberts)
unidentified title (Jenkins, falsetto wordless voc)
Queer Notions (Hawkins) (Ra, p; Gilmore, ts)
Beautiful Love (Young-Coots-Gillespie-Van Alstyne) (Ra, voc; Gilmore, ts)
Inside the Blues (Ra) (Ra, p)
Slumming on Park Avenue (Berlin) (Jacson and ens voc; Raand ens, voc)
When You See Danger / Now's the Time (Parker) / Straight No Chaser (Monk) (Jenkins, scat voc; prob. Thompson, bs)
We Travel the Spaceways (Ra) (Ra and ens voc; the original tune; marching)
Outer Spaceways Incorporated / Space Is the Place (Ra) (Ra, declamation; more marching; not the original tunes)

The Arkestra: Ra-p, syn, voc; Eddie Gale-tp; Marshall Allen-as, ob, fl, EVI, perc; Pat Patrick-as; Danny Davis-as; John Gilmore-ts, EVI, perc, voc; Ronald Wilson-ts; Eloe Omoe-as, bcl, contra-alto cl; James Jacson-bsn, Ancient Egyptian Infinity Drum, voc; prob. Danny Thompson-bs; unidentified-b; Buster Smith-d; unidentified-cga, perc; Art Jenkins-voc. (rlc)

An exceptional concert -- one of the few times Art Jenkins' bebop scatting was captured on tape. Eddie Gale confirms his presence on this tape.

Flac and MP3 forthcoming. No scans.


gsrbrts2 said...


Wallofsound said...

Thank you for posting this. On first listen this was a great concert, and a good recording.
I'm a bit confused by the files and track listing, though. I've downloaded more tracks (four discs worth) than tracks listed in your post. I know its very obsessional of me, but if you could save me the work of working out each track title my family will be very grateful!

gsrbrts2 said...

Additional text found in the DVD,which contains 4 SunRa concerts. I don't have more information and can't remember where or when I got this material. Sorry, WoS.


Santa Cruz concert
Santa Cruz, California. 1988. 130 min.

1st set
Introduction (ens, eg, tp)
Space Approach Prelude (ens, brass)
unidentified improvisation (tp, sax)
Discipline 27-II / This World Is Not My Home / Angel Race / Strange Worlds / Somebody Out There (Ra)
Nuclear War (Ra)
Queer Notions (Hawkins) (incomplete)
that slow theme again (like on Palomino)
unidentified blues (Ra)
unidentified standard (like on Palomino; "Cocktails for Two"?)
I Dream Too Much (Kern)
I Want To Be Happy

2nd set:
improvisation (tb, fl)
percussion solos
improvisation (eg duet, ens, brass, as, b)
improvisation (as, syn)
unidentified ballad
Over the Rainbow (Arlen-Harburg)
unidentified blues (Ra) (incomplete)

centrifuge said...

thanks in advance for this one... nice to see some sun ra up here! i don't know about anyone else, but in his case i just don't allow myself to worry about details such as correct track listings, etc... that way madness lies ;-)

roberto t. said...

Great post, thank you! If one can look at the last years of Sun Ra there certainly is less energy (but this is not the case), but there is something else, some kind of increased emotional involvment that leads to some affectioned though in some way surrealistic reading of the songs and tunes played, new or old. The intense, tragic beauty of twilight. As for this concert, I doubt that Danny Davis was there. Though he would die a year later, he had already left the Arkestra some years before. Or was he in the bay area at the time?

Anonymous said...

some art cover can be found here:


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Thanks for the covers.


ubu said...

Thanks a lot for your Ra posts!

I just posted a 1969 show over on my blog:


strata-(G)ist said...

Hi,nice post ! By the art cover (inlay card) seems that DISC 3 is missed ... Are you able to post this part too please or was missed foeever ? or Is there anyone out there that can give infos or can up-load this missed part (Disc 3 )... Any help & contribution will be VERY appreciated ...
Furthermore , I'm not familiar with FLAC files but I've read all the post about the matter published about the SUN RA Binghamton 1991 concert ... Does that softwar work fine with these files ?? or Can I burn & convert Flac files using NERO ? ...Thanks again adn keep up the good work

strata-(G)ist said...

Hi again ,gsrbrts2 : further to your post dated 22 July 2008 7:32:00 please note that the additional text and info that you found in that DVD especially date, tracks list players etc ) is of another concert of SUN RA at @ the KUUMBWA Jazz center, Santa Cruz ,in October 1988 - To avoid confusion on this matter the concert that has been posted is the one dated 10th of May 1987 , while the additional info and text that you found is of the concert dated October 1988 @ the same place in Santa Cruz . To all users : there is no correspondence between tracks list of this concert and the one that you found in the Earthly recordings discography - Also , it seems that this is the full Concert according to the "Earthly Recordings " book (despite some mistakes in the tracks listing )... but in contraddiction with the tracks list & number of Disc that you can view in the artwork - concert cover that you can view here http://artwork.easytree.org/artwork/sun/sun_1987-05-10_live-at-the-kumbwa-jazz-center_inlay-card.jpg
...some confusion on this matter

hulaboy said...

Thanks much. Space is the place. Go now!

Charles Blass said...

TCIII was the scat vocalist, rather than Art Jenkins - CB