14 July 2008

New Movements in Jazz disc 1 ,1987, ICP orchestra plays Herbie Nichols (radio nederlands transcription service, 87.073/076) FLAC and LAME

Here’s some more icp , recorded live in 1983 and preserved by the netherlads radio transcription service, subsequently released as disc 1 of a 4 lp set called ‘new movements in jazz’. This is for J a friend who likes his Herbie Nichols. I have unfortunately not been able to find any references to this set on line, nor can I find appropriate scans or photos , my scanner is broken and I simply cannot afford to replace it. If anyone owns this and would like to share some scans of the extensive notes that go with the package ,please do so in the comments. I’ll be uploading the other lp’s in the set soon.

this is a particular favourite of mine ,as good as Nichols repertory gets, all of the arrangements are by mengelberg. By icp standards this may strike some as being too reverentially straight. I guess it hinges on just how much one likes nichols’s music . The info is not included in the files

NEW MOVEMENTS IN JAZZ: various artists This 4xLP set features ICP Orchestra & Guest soloists, Contraband, New Klookabilities, Maarten Altena Octet.

Program 1: ICP Orchestra & Guest soloists

1/ Gig (Nichols, Mengelberg) 9:50
2/ Houseparty starting (Nichols, Mengelberg) 5:35
3/ Blue chopsticks (Nichols, Mengelberg)
4/ Change of seas on (Nichols, Mengelberg) 5:44
5/ Happenings (Nichols, Mengelberg) 5:26
6/ Hangover triangle (Nichols, Mengelberg) 9:13
7/ Step tempest (Nichols, Mengelberg) 4:38
8/ 12 bars (Nichols, Mengelberg) 6:45

Recorded at Meervaart, Amsterdam on August 13, 1983

George Lewis: trombone;
Steve Lacy: soprano; Kent Carter: bass; Misha Mengelberg: piano; Han Bennink: drums; Michael Moore: reeds; Sean Bergin: reeds; Paul Termos: reeds; Wolter Wierbos: trombone; Garret List: trombone; Larry Fishkind: tuba; Maurice Hortsthuis: viola; Ernst Reijseger: cello.

1987 (?) - Radio Netherlands Transcription Service, 87.073-6 (4xLP)


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Wallofsound said...

Superb music. I love Herbie Nichols as much as these guys seem to. Thanks for sharing, sotise.

Anonymous said...

Excellent! Thank you very much Sotise - this is some important music and a largely-unknown recording!

jazzme said...

I really hope the other 3 discs appear , I am going to see the ICP in Guelph in Sept and will record it on my camera , for upload . Sotise have you had the time to check out the outside out cds I posted on follyfortoseewhat yet , they are pretty good . Steve

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Thanks you so much, Sotice! the music of Nichols is good hands!!. (I have Change of Season with Misha, Lacy, Bennik, Lewis & Gorter, probably this is better)


matt w said...

Wow sotise, thanks for posting this. Definitely looking forward to it -- I love ICP and Nichols too.

ampnoise said...

I've just listed my MINT- copy of this box set on eBay:

New Movements In Jazz 4-LP box set on eBay

it was the blue that got me said...

I saw them perform this live a few years back, and it was excellent. But then again, I seem to love everything ICP. Looking forward to hearing this version since many of the players are different than when I heard it. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Could some reup please?

Anonymous said...

yes, is it possible a reup? Thank you in advance.

Anonymous said...

I was at that festival in the Meervaart in 1983. LOong time ago, like to hear it again. Would certainly appreciate a re-up. Thanks in advance,
Colonel Impossible

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Thanks Nick!