23 July 2008

More pictures and some news (please read !)

As the last pictures post seemed to please a lot of you, here are a few 1970's covers from the French magazine Jazz Hot. Particularly nice pic of Braxton playing chess !
Credit is as follow : Lacy : Gérard Noël /Coleman & Braxton : Latapie-Trombert / Dixon : Latapie / Rivers & Holland : Alex Dutilh.

The news :
I've been working on an online database to store scanned material related to the kind of music we share here, and it is nearly operational (should be working in a few days). For the moment there is something like 70-80 articles - mostly interviews, not available elsewhere on the net - stored in it but that number could grow quickly if things go well, that is to say if people want to participate and upload their own material. In order to avoid legal problems linked to copyright issues the database will be private but anyone interested is welcome, whether you have things to share or not. To stay informed, please send an email to the address in the comments and I will answer with a detailed text on how to make things work and a password.

If things go well, this database could become a great tool for all of us making researches on free music so let's hope it will !


PS : if one of our dear readers is a drummer and has 30 minutes to lose, I need your help so please get in touch :).


nad3170 said...

Email adress : pierre.crepon at free.fr

Anonymous said...

nice ones. lemme know if you need drumhelp. wishniak at gmail.com

gsrbrts2 said...

Pierre, I commend you for this effort and look forward to its publication...in fact I can hardly wait!

Merci bien!


Tantris said...

I like the Bill Dixon cover - these are great photos!

Anonymous said...

This idae of yours could be the biggest 'new thing'

Thank you in advance for the diedicated love
The Italian Head

nad3170 said...

Gus, I need to have your email to send you an id and a password. I'm leaving the city for 4-5 days in 5 hours, you have until then !


gsrbrts2 said...


Ben said...

calle.benjamin at gmail dot com

Thank you! Unfortunately I haven't things to share, but i'll be very happy to be added in your private list ;)

pete said...

i would love to see these photos and articles

vinylforever77 at googlemail dot com

pomelorocker said...

great photos!!!!!!

thanks a lot!