17 July 2008

Circle - Nefertiti - Live Bergamo March 1971

This comes as a liberated track from a bootleg Chick Corea compilation LP, seeded by inamorata (many thanks to him for letting it out). The original lineage is not clear, probably an FM broadcast, good quality. I don't worship at Braxton's shrine, but I do like this.


March 19, 1971
Third International Jazz Parade at Bergamo Teatro Donizetti, Bergamo (Italy)

Anthony Braxton, sss & as
Chick Corea, p
Dave Holland, b & cello
Barry Altschul, dr & perc

01 Nefertiti (Wayne Shorter) 17:42

I guess someone, somewhere has the remainder of this recorded concert. Anyway, it's a track to add to the Hamburg concert recently posted.

As it's only a short recording, I'm posting in Flac only, link in comments.


Boromir said...


htakat said...

the front cover of this great quartet:

The LP is entitled "Chick Corea Quartet - Live in New York 1974" (which of course is incorrect)

Slothrop said...

Hi Boromir. I've been out of the loop for awhile and slow to get to things. This is an awesome contribution. Thanks a ton.

centrifuge said...

only just realised this was here... thanks boromir :)

Marcelezza said...

Thanks very much...for this and all Circle posts !!!!!

PS: Sorry my poor english

Anonymous said...

htakat said...
....The LP is entitled "Chick Corea Quartet - Live in New York 1974" (which of course is incorrect)

yes and this title is the Side 2 (Side 1 without Anthony)
OXFORD (Jazzline) OX/3005(1976)
also on
il grandi del jazz GdJ 86 (Added to the italian Magazine Musica Jazz) 1986 ; Fabbri Editore

Info is Important :-) too

hulaboy said...

Thanks! I never would have heard this otherwise.