27 July 2008


This one was somehow prompted by a discussion in the comment section of an earlier posting where one commentator professed his admiration for the work of Michel Pilz.

So when the opptunity came to download this concert from Dime, naturally I had to take it to find out. My inclination had been in the direction of people like Michel Portal and Rudi Mahall (and we shall have both in upcoming posts), but Pilz is certainly a worthwhile addition to the premier league. I find him distinctly different - more linear, flowing if these words make any sense - not unlike Brötzmann.

Listening to this 30-minute piece, I find Mr. Pilz overshadowed by Mr. Niebergall who has a physical attack which reminds me of the great South Africans Harry Miller and Johnny Mbizo Dyani. You get the feeling that once he's through, the whole damn thing can be sold off as scrapwood.

Niebergall was in the forefront of the first generation of German free jazzers, having played with virtually anybody on the scene, including Brötzmann himself.

This particular line-up with Pilz and Uwe Schmitt on drums appears only to be documented on a 1978 release "Celeste" on the Trion label. There's one to hunt for!

Niebergall ceased making records round about 1980 and reportedly lived in recluse in Frankfurt a.M. until his death in 1990.

A short radio intro and then "Tilip", recorded at the Moers New Jazz Festival on 15 may 1978.

What's on offer here is 30 minutes plus of dynamite. Dig in!

Michel Pilz, bass clarinet
Buschi Niebergall, bass
Uwe Schmitt, drums

1. speaker/broadcast 0:25
2. Tilip (Michel Pilz) 33:30

Recorded at New Jazz Festival, Moers on May 15, 1978.


kinabalu said...
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Anonymous said...

Ra! Ra! Ra!

Anonymous said...

In addition to the "Celeste" LP (which I have and which I put up on C#9 back then), there is also a fine Pilz LP called "Jamabiko" on M.P., with Niebergall, Muhammad Ali and Itaru Oki from 1983.

1009 said...

excellent! i really loved those pilz lps when they showed up c#9. looking forward to hearing more from him.

centrifuge said...

nice one k... you didn't grab *celeste* when it was up..?

glmlr, thanks for the tip about that other recording... of course there's another excellent pilz album that was doing the rounds, *carpathes* with kowald and lovens... volkan had it up on his blog... hang on a minute... aha, no, it was on fmp so the link has long since been wiped :(

kinabalu said...

Nope, I didn't get the "Celeste" when it was up, so any chance of a repost?

As for the FMPs, I suppose the viable solution in the longer term is doing them as P2Ps or torrents (and thus avoiding the file servers).

kinabalu said...

I've spotted another Pilz called " Afternoon and Evening" with Itaru Oki and Ralf Hubner from 1978, also on THAT label. I haven't heard it, so any advice?

Anonymous said...

Full title - "One Year - Afternoon and Evening". xxx 0720. Another fine Pilz record. (I don't know of any bad ones).

dalemcbdnl said...

Thanks for this kinabalu! I haven't listened yet but, as glmlr suggested, Pilz LPS are ALL quite fine. This is likely to be a stunner.

A short comment on THAT label. JG masterminded one of the greatest labels of all time. Yet, in my town, only a few people have ever even heard of it. Worse, of the handful who are aware of the blah-blah-blah label, I think I'm one of only about four who have many albums beyond beyond those of Brotz and CT. I think that is shocking. I figure JG NEEDS our help to get the word out about people like Pilz. But, instead, JG seems intent on keeping some of the most important music of our time under a bushel. I'm sure that's not his intention but that is pretty much how it turns out. Too bad!


Volkan Terzioglu said...

Thanks for the greatest Pilz :)
glmr, anyone of the ones you mentioned are oop and you have them?

Anonymous said...

Volkan: Yes, they're all OOP, and yes I have them ... plus a few others too. Now how and when to ... ... ...

Anonymous said...

Here's a nice little remembrance of the 1978 Moers festival at One Final Note:


BTW, if anyone would be kind enough to re-up "Celeste" or "Jamabiko" it would be most appreciated.

Frédito said...

Merci Kinabalu, looking forward !
And merci encore Volkan for the excellent "Carpathes", my first encounter with the amazing Michel Pilz !

gsrbrts2 said...

Many thanks for this post, glmlr, I am not familiar with these musicians and just finished listening to this. I'm floored and like others look forward to some of the same.

Thanx, G

gsrbrts2 said...

My apologies to both glmlr and kinabalu, I meant to thank and credit the originator of the post, who is of course, kinabalu.

My bad.

sotise said...

thanks a lot kinabalu, looking forward to this with feverish anticipation!

centrifuge said...

kinabalu, i didn't keep the files (usually don't) so i can't re-up it myself. have any readers still got the *celeste* album rip from c#9..?

sambeck2001 said...

Thank you kinabalu for this great concert.

as i understand the the radio speaker, there has been more music from the same moers date in this broadcast. any chance to hear it?

But Buschi is a monster, isn't he?


1009 said...

cent --

checked through all of my hard drives: no *celeste*. i believe i ripped a music cd of the files (my mode of backup at the time, before i had any idea what i was doing), but if i were to re-rip the files from the music cd the bitrate quality would be anyone's guess. so that's a worst-case scenario (or better only than nothing).

anyone else?

Anonymous said...

1009: I can do the "Celeste" rip again at some point if no-one has kept it. Even I didn't. Having the LP, I didn't keep a copy of the rip. But I'll need time ... quite a lot of it ... Never mind, we know that good things in this life are worth waiting for!

Volkan Terzioglu said...

I have the "celeste" but it is 192 kb/s rip. Here is the link :
best and thanks

1009 said...

thanks very much volkan! 192 beats nothing!

now, does anyone out there have the artwork? this is one i couldn't find back in the c#9 days, & another search just came up empty.

Anonymous said...

1009: All I have is a single-sheet desktop scanner, so LP sleeve artwork means a visit to the local photgrapher's shop. Another reason to need time!

kinabalu said...

Thanks very much for the "Celeste" and let's hope glmlr gets to do the others. While at it, don't forget the Frank Wright "Aspects" double, please ...

Anonymous said...

Grabbed the Celeste some time ago and another Pilz (don't remember which). These put me onto him. So I'm very grateful for your post, downloading as I write. Had been searching for some Buschi N. stuff too :)

grgo said...

Hallo together!
I assume I'm a bit late but I wished to add/correct something.
The name of the title which the BN Trio plays is clearly not "TULIP GARDEN" but "TILIP".
The lady which announces the group says (loose but correct translation): ....which the musicians "TILIP" called.
Thanks to all the contributers for the fantastic music they share.

Anonymous said...

chance to re-up?
would be real nice!
by the way, thanks for
your real good work over years!!

onxidlib said...

upcoming in the not so far future

onxidlib said...


Anonymous said...

thank you!

Bulkang U. Antibop said...

thnk u
frm nantucket

Javier Roz said...

Thanks onxidlib!
Short but interesting.