31 July 2008

Baikida Carroll The Spoken Word

Baikida Carroll The Spoken Word

Hat Hut M/N 1979
Hat Hut Records, Switzerland

Baikida Carroll Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Prepared Trumpet

Recorded Live at Mapenzi in Berkeley, CA
April 22,1977 & April 1, 1978.

Recorded by Cynthia Kanstein and Daryl Suzukawa

The Spoken Word I (Carroll) 17:05
The Spoken Word II (Carroll) 14:30
Third Image (Carroll) 15:15
Rites And Rituals (Carroll) 11:50
Double Rainbow Forest (Carroll) 10:25

Baikida Carroll’s made important contributions to some truly great recordings, and yet his own material seems to get far less a profile than it should. He was part of the Dogon A.D. band under Julius Hemphill’s leadership, part of David Murray’s big band Live on At Sweet Basil, and part of the Black Artists Group on In Paris, Aries, he’s on John Carter's Castles of Ghana, Oliver Lake's NTU, Muhal Richard Abrams' Blues Forever.

Given how readily he seems to work with others it’s quite a surprise to find how inventive he is out on his own. Here’s a double LP’s worth of some interesting and stimulating music, where he uses volume (and lack of it), messed-up instruments and even some strong playing to truly talk through his horn. Thanks again to Dale for passing this on to me.


Wallofsound said...



intempestif said...

Thank you for this album. This is one of the names you don't see very often. I've been trying to find his album "Orange Fish Tears", the first one under his own name, recorded soon after the B.A.G. concert. Looks like one of his most interesting albums. But I couldn't find it anywhere, it must be very rare. Maybe someone here has got it and is willing to share? that would be great.

sotise said...

baikida carroll is superb, thank you for this.

sotise said...

baikida carroll also made a wonderful black saint album called 'reflections'(i think)with hemphill, dave holland, and pheeroan aklaff.

DonNewcombe said...

I hung out with the (now deceased) owner of Mapenzi a few times-he always had amazing life stories to tell. It's always nice to find albums recorded there. Roscoe Mitchell did one, Harold Land named an album after the place, etc. If only the bay area had such a place today...

Anonymous said...

I think Sotise meant "Shadows and Reflections", a very fine record. There's also "The Door of the Cage", also Soul Note.

sotise said...

yes , shadows and refletions ,a wonderful record, real gem.
this is great too thanks again dale and wallofsound.

as a sidebar theres a great record by an avant /experimental rock collective called mnemonists.
from 1980 a double lp "some attributes of a living system" self released, which features baikida carroll on almost every track lovely stuff.
the group later changed their name to biota and are still recording primarily for chris cutlers recommended records.

it can be found here

not sure whether the mutant sounds files contain all the info ,i have the lp's and can provide it if anyones interested should it be missing.

Pavel said...

Huge thanks for the album, it's a rare one, really.
Baikida's "Orange Fish Tears" is indeed a hard to find album too, as intempestif has admitted, so it would be definitely great to have it here shared.


jazzme said...

Links for a cd by - Cato Salsa Experience & The Thing w/ Joe Mcphee - Titled- Sounds Like A Sandwich http://www.mediafire.com/?g1nmlmz0pmh http://www.mediafire.com/?b2jctx5j1lj http://www.mediafire.com/?ym3jinfgyxd http://www.mediafire.com/?1gm9pzwnmkn http://www.mediafire.com/?1gm9pzwnmkn

jazzme said...

Not sure if this cd is in print or not could not find it on the net here it is for a few curios listeners . Will post Vandermark Caffeine in a comment soon , along with Bailey , Brotzmann & Sabu the one that was only issued in Canada as 480 copies . Just trying to give back to a blog that gives so much . Steve

hideo said...

posted "Door of the Cage" (Soul Note)
elsewhere some time back--here are new links

FLAC with scans



"Baikida is a Bad Motha...! A true disciple of the maintenance and extension of the trumpet tradition."
-Lester Bowie, Trumpeter

thanks for "spoken word"!

lc said...

I really love this one.
the moments of silence sound (!) so great that you don't know any longer which makes the other one stand out, the trumpet or the silence.
thanks for this one, Wallofsound.

bongomccongo said...

thankyou .very exciting .yes he has been a sideman on some incredible albums as mentioned and his soul note albums are superb .many thanks

hulaboy said...

Thank you, my wife digs Baikida.

Bonos said...

Much Appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Here you can download "Orange fish tears" ripped from vinyl. Sorry for long lasting crack tone in side 2. I havn't playe this vinyl more than 25 years. But this crack was there when I bought this vinyl as second hand more than 25 years ago.



hideo said...

anonymous: new life here with "orange fish tears" but it appears that the two downloads are the same file ... love to hear side 1!

Anonymous said...

Oh, sorry. Here again uploaded. Both side 1 & 2 are put into one zip file.

Anonymous said...

In my zip file of Orange fish tears, I put side A and B in opposit. Correctly, side A starts tranquill and spritual atomospher number. And side B starts the number of duet of Baikida Caroll and Olver Lake.

bolger said...

I've rea about in Downbeat and would really like to hear the piece. Sadly, only the second part of the mp3 pack is still up. I'd be glad if you'd upload the first.

sachat54 said...

hello .. is-it possible for you to re-upload (flac ... or not ) that rare opus ..? thanks ! d.L.

kinabalu said...

This is an mp3 version. I haven't found it in flac. Perhaps some other may assist.


sachat54 said...

thanks for this new link - very kind ..! d.L.

Anonymous said...

Any chance of a re-up ? RS kaput.
Would like to hear this... sounds interesting. Thanks, -James.

kinabalu said...

RS not kaput. Try again.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this great stuff ! Yes
not kaput. Was trying the original dead links. oops! Confusing with all these other posts on here. Thanks again. - James

martintm said...

Hi everyone,

I tried the RS-links for the flac 'Spoken Word', but it seems files were not found.

Could this gem be made availble again ?

Thanks, some really great stuff here !


Nick said...

The mp3 is still active - in the comment from 27 Jan 2013

asjchrlpa mc said...

someone could upload it again, thanks

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

It will be reissued on Corbett vs Dempsey