30 June 2008


Heres another magnificent frank Lowe concert, from the same period (1985) as his great soul note album ‘decision in paradise’.
The great trombonist and composer Grachan Moncur is also featured on this electrifying date.
Pretty sure the first few tracks are in fact Moncur compositions from the classic Blue Note album “some other stuff” ( I don’t have it with me so I can't confirm that with certainty).
Its great to hear the under recorded master Donald Rafael Garrett on double bass here.
(garrett was a multi instrumentalist and instrument maker who played clarinets , wood flutes ,and piano as well as being a monster bassist).

An electrifying gig.. though it has to be mentioned that most of the playing here is more in lowe’s freebop / modal bag , than some of his more all out free sessions.
For all that it's no less passionate and inspired.
Thanks to H., and the taper /seeder traders.

This show is in superb sound.

Frank Lowe Quartet
Waltham, Mass. (USA)
Brandeis University
April 11, 1985

Frank Lowe, ts, vocal
Grachan Moncur III, tb
Donald Garrett, b
Waren Benbow, dr

1) 12:35 u.t.
2) 10:36 u.t.
3) 08:45 I Didn´t Know What Time It Was
4) 13:27 u.t.
5) 11:58 Happy House
6) 06:04 A Foggy Day

Total Time: 64:19


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kingpossum said...

Grachan Moncur! Grachan Moncur! Grachan Moncur!

Bless you, sotise. Awesome sounds abound.


Anonymous said...

Hi--thanks for this terrific look at a seemingly lost band. Grachan is a lot stronger here, more rhythmically vital, and a lot more forceful in his solo statements than (I recall) on Decision In Paradise.

-Track #1 is "Riff Raff", famously waxed on Jackie McLean's Destination Out!. Can't recognize track #2, although I think #4 is a Frank Lowe composition (I'd check my Frank Lowe Soul Note albums, but I don't have them with me right now...).

-K Evangelista

centrifuge said...

thx again sotise - safe to say i preferred the '77 date, but i enjoyed both :)

serviceton said...

thanks from me too sotise.

Track #2 is 'Decision in Paradise'.
Track #4 is 'Loweology'

both written by Frank Lowe

For those unfamiliar with it, the 'Decision in Paradise' ALBUM on Soul Note, referred to by Anonymous(K Evangelista) above features both of these tunes.

As well as a line-up of Frank Lowe, Don Cherry, Grachan Moncur, Geri Allen, Charnett Moffett, Charles Moffett!

It's in print. And worth having.

'Loweology' also is on CIMPs Vision Blue album from 97.

serviceton said...

..that same 'Loweology' tune can also be found on this record : -

The Jazz Doctors - 'Intensive Care'


The Jazz Doctors: -
Frank Lowe - saxophone
Billy Bang - violin
Dennis Charles - drums
Raphael Garrett - bass

I think they only made one record (as The Jazz Doctors), although I have 2 live tapes and there might be more ?...?

Intensive Care was made for John Jack's Cadillac Records in the UK in the second half of 1983.
Anecdotally, only a few weeks after Bang & Dennis Charles had a punch-up on the bandstand in Germany, resulting in Charles losing a tooth..

The tunes on this are written by
Frank Lowe (x2)
Butch Morris
Rashied Ali
Billy Bang
Jackie McLean
Ornette Coleman

I've always loved the 2nd side - but now that I listen to it again, the 1st side's not too bad either

hope someone enjoys

serviceton said...

And for the more distinguished followers of high-fidelity products, here are the FLACS

Intensive Care - The Jazz Doctors

Worth adding is that the Cadillac label is well worth a visit, at http://www.cadillacjazz.co.uk/
The Ogun label is there too, Cadillac releases include some original vinyl pressings still available (as detailed by Wallofsound elsewhere)as well as CDs on both Cadillac and other distributed labels.
David Murray, Mike Osborne, Joe Harriott, Louis Moholo, Elton Dean, Chris McGregor etc etc etc
John & Hazel have been supporting this music for longer than many of us have been walking the planet. I'd urge support for them, and the acquisition of some great music in the process.
sermon endeth here - enjoy the Jazz Doctors.

dalemcbdnl said...

Thanx sotise and serviceton. Interesting that Bang/Charles clash was so intense. Anyway, thanks again for all the fantastic shares. There is so much good music here that it is hard to keep up!


ABE said...

Really good - love Moncur - Thank you.

Anonymous said...

please, two immense musicians as those, need a re-up..

mew23 said...

New link (flac)

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Really appreciate your help now and all over the years. Thank you, mew23!

jeff said...

Thanks for the reup of this show mew23. I am looking forward to this. Thanks also to the tapers, seeders and of course S.

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much thanks mew!!

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Thank you!

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Thanx for this !