12 June 2008

Anthony Braxton and the Italian Instabile Orchestra - Composition no.92 - Alto Adige Festival, Bolzano, June 2007

This was broadcast by RAI3 earlier this week, and I have not been able to stop listening to it, despite the distractions of Euro 2008. It's a performance of Composition no. 92, for Creative Orchestra, and probably some other pieces that I haven't yet been able to identify - your help here would be appreciated.

Excellent photos of the orchestra, and score, are available here and here.

It's good to see this piece - written in 1979 - being played with such sympathy almost three decades later. For me, this piece is essentially about music, and Braxton's response to 'tradition and the individual talent', in contrast with, say composition no. 356 posted here earlier - which I think is more an ontological study of the nature of consciousness, and hence perhaps one measure of how Braxton's music has evolved over this time.

Alto Adige Jazz Festival
Italian Instabile Orchestra con Anthony Braxton

Castel Mareccio, 25th Südtirol Jazzfestival Alto Adige
Bolzano, Italy
16th June 2007

01 Radio intro (5.29)
02 Composition no. 92 (+ ?) (67.59)
03 Radio outro (0.18)

source: RAI Radio3 > Yamaha HD1300 > CDR

Anthony Braxton - as, cond, comp
Carlo Actis Dato - ts, bars, bcl
Daniele Cavallanti - ts, bars
Eugenio Colombo - as, ss, fl
Gianluigi Trovesi - as, bcl
Pino Minafra - tp, flh
Alberto Mandarini - tp
Guido Mazzon - tp
Martin Mayes - cor
Lauro Rossi - tb
Giancarlo Schiaffini - tb, tuba
Sebi Tramontana - tb
Emanuele Parrini - vio
Paolo Damiani - b, cello
Giovanni Maier - b
Umberto Petrin - p
Vincenzo Mazzone - dr


Anonymous said...

Thanks Tantris for this recording!

Un sol siempre constante... Bravo!

keep up the very good job!

best, Kike.

centrifuge said...

thanks in advance, tantris... i was going to ask about this in the other place, but now it's not necessary :)

jazzme said...

If you head over to follyfortoseewhat i have some discs posted by a local guy in my area that has been playing since the 60's in N . America and Europe , Outside Out is the name of the group & also Eric Stach , I also have a Peter Kowald concert never before released or heard that I recieved from Eric as he played the show with him that will be uploaded soon .

Anonymous said...

Hi tantris
Thanks for sharing this concert. I like the way you talk about Braxton's music - you clarify so much with so few words.

Volkan Terzioglu said...

Thank you very much Tantris,
Italian Instabile Orchestra is an orchestra very nice to see. They are really entertaining while playing. even dancing :)
very nice to hear braxton with them.

sometime ago I do not remember but someone recommended for the bbc 3 jazz on 3 show. I checked and found that schlippenbach was the guest. I did recorded them and in case anyone interested, I uploaded them. Here they are :
love you all

lc said...

my one-month sub finished earlier this morning but I was lucky enough to download this one yesterday evening.

what a treat!
the music is gorgeous, I listened to it several times in a row and now, I'm tempted to go for the Cecil Taylor/Italian Instabile Orchestra association.

and by the way, thanks, Tantris, for keeping the Italian DJ's introductory speech .I cannot speak Italian but I can understand a few words here and there and it certainly gives a flavor to the recording.

thanks again.

Anonymous said...

grazie mille, tantris! :D

Anonymous said...


Thank you for this share.

A little correction. The concert did not take place in Castel Mareccio as intented (open air), but in the municipal theater (?) due to the contrary weather.



LYM said...

Hi tantris,
thanks a lot to You and all others inconstant sol people for all Your invaluable work and generosity. I'm from Italy but never heard this one before. It seems to me a little masterpiece!
Thanks again!
Good luck!


archer said...

much gratitude goes out to tantris and volkan terzioglu

Tantris said...

I understand that this has just been released on Rai Trade records so I have removed the links.

Anonymous said...

My dear, where is the link to dl?
Thanks so much.