4 April 2008

Muhal Richard Abrams- lifea blinec 1978 , flac

serviceton says
"Muhal Richard Abrams is wonderful. Too often seen as just some 'progenitor' or father-figure ("Founded AACM blah blah") - and not enough listened to, in my view.Harmonically, texturally, even structurally, MRA's music is never less than interesting and frequently much, much better than that.If you download this and enjoy it, you must go out and buy some other Abrams records (or stay in and buy 'em if you like)Happily (even unusually!) - most are still in printWell over a dozen on the wonderful BlackSaintlabel http://www.blacksaint.com//Artists/muhal+richard+abrams/77ALL of these are worthwhile, with some, like 'Hearinga Suite' & 'Sightsong' being minor masterpieces.The 3 Delmarks under his own name are reissuedhttp://www.delmark.com/delmark.jazzbyart.htmAnd that's about it for the 60's and 70's save for a record of solo piano on the Japanese 'Why Not' label (briefly issued too on India Navigation).- And 2 albums on Arista Novus in 1978. As you point out sotise, these are probably in no danger of being issued any time soon.2nd of the 2 is called Lifea Blinec. It's a quintet w/ Joseph Jarman, Douglas Ewart, Amina Claudine Meyers and Thurman Barker.
Cover scans included."



sotise said...


bayviewsax-lostsoul.blogspot.com said...

This looks very interesting. Thanks for posting it. I've been slow to arrive at MRA, as I got some not so great steers early on. Lately, I've been finding a lot of stuff I really like. Much appreciated.

Sam said...

I absolutely love this album!! This was my first Muhal LP, and my first introduction to Amina Claudine Myers. Years later, in the late '80s, maybe, I made a fool of myself by going up to her after a performance and asking "What key are we in?" (I think that's from the second track on side 1)--she looked at me like the besotted fool I was.

Anonymous said...

Muhal is one of my very favorite beings of all time. My Ovidean muse. I have never heard this gem. Thank you for sharing. --t.h.light

john said...

As usual, I'm wobblint away fat and happy. Many thanks. Also, thanks for the kind words about Muhal, a musical giant. I have many of his recordings and recommend him without reservation.

King Kennytone said...

Hey cats - first sorry BUT I just got around to checking out this post here - QUESTION: did anybody download this???

I can't access rapidshare file 3 -

I just get redirected to goddam Google of all things, akin' me if I meant somethin' else ..


Correct link for the third park would be much appreciated baes,


King Kennytone said...

PS: excuse sloppy typing errors in several places the, ahem ...

Yotte said...

I've been on an Amina C Myers kick and just found this and some Lester Bowie. They both look pretty interesting. Thank you, Sotise... and thanks for keeping those links alive!

sotise said...

HERE'S A RE-UP OF THe same files ..to megaupload,by someone else.

Muhal Richard Abrams: LIFEA BLINEC (Arista Novus, LP, 1978)


(flac +SCANS

thanks GR

-Otto- said...

I missed this post (several times, I guess, as it was re-upped a couple of years ago). This album was re-ripped and is now posted here:


Very nice rip -- with the only drawback being the missing scans.