29 April 2008

Misha Mengelberg and ICP play Monk and Ellington - Radio Broadcast

Jazz Middelheim 1999
Antwerpen (Belgium)
August 1999 (prob. August 13)

Source: FM broadcast

The first 3 tracks consist of Mengelberg in a trio with Masada rhythm section, Greg Cohen (b) and Joey Baron (d) who were appearing at the festival with Zorn. The tracks are
1) Unknown (possibly Monk tune)
2) Well You Needn't (Monk)
3) The Man I Love (Gershwin)

The remainder of the concert is played by MM and the members of ICP, thought to be:-

Michael Mengelberg (p)
Thomas Heberer (t)
Wolter Wierbos (tb)
Michael Moore (as,cl)
Ab Baars (ts,cl)
Tristan Honsinger (vc)
Ernst Glerum (b)
Han Bennink (d)

Tracks are:-

4) Unknown
5) Unknown
6) Ellington Medley - Caravan, Mood Indigo, Solitude and the Mooch.

Dutch speakers may be able to make out the identity of the unknown tracks. There is quite a bit of conversation between MM and Bennink going on.
Thanks to seeder and taper.

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Boromir said...

MP3 Link (High quality VBR)


I have flac versions, but it's a big upload and I'm about to go on holiday. If there's significant interest I'll post an upgrade in a couple of weeks.

Anonymous said...

oh yes - lovely!

i don't know the titles of the unknown tunes - the first sounds very well like monk, but could easily be a mengelberg original.

thanks, boromir for uploading this set - mp3 is good for me, and the sound quality is excellent!! happy holidays! ;D

ubu said...

some more info (from my edited version, same dime source, I assume):

ICP Orchestra
Jazz Middelheim 1999
Antwerpen (Belgium), Park den Brandt
August 14, 1999

most likely:
Thomas Heberer - trumpet
Wolter Wierbos - trombone
Michael Moore - alto sax, clarinet
Ab Baars - tenor sax,clarinet
Michael Mengelberg - piano
Tristan Honsinger - violoncello
Ernst Glerum - bass
Han Bennink - drums

1. unknown (5:43) >
2. unknown (7:08)
3. unknown (4:45) [string feature]
4. Announcement MM (0:29)
5. p/d-duo improvisation (5:29) >
6. Caravan (Mills-Ellington-Tizol) 10:46
7. Mood Indigo (Ellington-Bigard-Mills) 9:50
8. Solitude (DeLange-Mills-Ellington) 6:12
9. The Mooche (Duke Ellington) 10:56
10. Announcement MM (0:11)
11. unknown (Moore) 7:15
12. unknown (11:01) [encore]

ubu said...

and for the trios - alas I can't identify #1 either:

Jazz Middelheim 1999
Antwerpen (Belgium)
August 1999 (prob. August 13)

Misha Mengelberg - piano
Greg Cohen - bass
Joey Baron - drums

1. unknown > Ann MM (8:00)
2. Well You Needn't (Monk) > Ann MM (9:19)
3. The Man I Love (Gershwin) 6:07

centrifuge said...

thanks boromir... only just got round to this and i can't identify the first piece either, but although it's monkish, it's not his, bound to be a mengeleberg original i think. listen to the opening motif, which recurs throughout - that's basically the original star trek theme isn't it?? or at least it's close enough to suggest it was written by someone who had heard that and was toying with it... works quite well, transmuted into a wistful jazz comp for piano trio...

Anonymous said...

identifying track #1 was pretty easy (if i thought of it before!) - it's the title track to the trio's studio recording "no idea", composed by mengelberg. the cd was released by the japanese label diw in 1997.

Ferdinand said...

Thanks for this, and all the other wonderful offerings at this truly great blog. I'm an English jazz writer with a blog of my own, and although I don't post recordings you may be interested in a review of a recent ICP gig in Edinburgh...


Keep up the great work, this is a mecca...

bozo the clown said...

Maybe someday the older generation of tape collectors that are sitting on tons of "REEL" Duke shows would start putting them here for better circulation. Until that day, i would like to recommend humbly that you all save your lunch money and BUY the Duke Ellington Treasury Series CDs- they are beautifully done, very-informative, fun to kick-back and enjoy, important parts of the history of the music we all love.

Anonymous said...

Please: I would love to see this re-upped. Flac versions, any versions. But not on Rapidshare please!

JazzHound said...

A few years after AC, but I would also love to hear this concert. Mengelberg + crew are do some marvelous things with Monk and Ellington.