6 April 2008

Don Cherry- 'cool' live in europe 1971 ? or a bootleg composite of his byg oeuvre... flac and lame

This don cherry bootleg compilation is very similar to the blue lake album which was originally released by byg and orient with bits of mu#1 and #2 thrown in for that matter.

This ‘cool’ boot seems to contain at least half of the material from that album.
I don’t have blue lake , but I have heard it a couple of times and judging by the results of cursory research ive conducted it appears to be the case that there is crossover.
Certainly the first few tracks amejelo, and bamboo night do not appear on blue lake

To my ears( this boot contains no personnel info or dates) the drummer on the above cited two tracks is definitely ed Blackwell who didn’t play on the byg record.
The following tracks don’t sound like the drummer is Blackwell (exept track 6), so they could well feature ok temiz who did.
This also features a variation of orient vol 1 which sounds different to the version on the album of the same name.
So my guess is that it’s a composite of two concerts from around the same time as blue lake.
Johnny Dyani can definitely be picked out both by the bass playing. And singing in a few passages though cherry does most ( and there is a lot) of the singing.

No date or personnel cited
My guess is
don cherry- tpt ,flutes , piano and voice, perc
Johnny dyani- db, voice, perc
Ed Blackwell –drums on at least track 2 and possibly track 6, okay temiz- drums
1) Amejelo- possibly from mu part 1( it sounds different, and that was credited as omelejo)
2) bamboo night- possibly from mu part 2 (sounds remarkably similar)
3) blue lake- ( possibly from blue lake)
4) east part 1 (possibly from blue lake)
5) east part 2 (possibly from blue lake)
6) smiling faces other places
7) orient #1 ( perhaps lifted from the album of the same name.. they sound very similar but could at a pinch be different)

so its ither a composite of cherrys byg albums, or exerpts from 2 or 3 concerts performed at similar times.

Perhaps someone else has this boot , and knows the particulars more thoroughly than i.
There are so many bootlegs and even official; releases of don cherry from this period it becomes confusing.

Whatever this is despite the monochrome slightly recessed sound its very beautiful and successful satisfying example of cherry’s ethno trance out.
The balance is not great either cherrys vocal mike at times to loud!
Dyani’s free roaming bass is clearly heard , as well as the tonal range of the kit.

its the bad balance which is similar on all the tracks which makes me think this could all be from the same (live) source.
its possible that the tracks were carefuly chosen from each of cherrys byg albums and deliberately remixed that way...
but the first 2 tracks featuring blackwell and possibly track six which appear on the mu albums seem like much rawer mixes.


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Anonymous said...

I know you guys like to get comments but they tend to be few and far between, so downloaders seem to be an ungrateful bunch. Maybe it's not so much that. I'm sure, like me, many people download and don't get a chance to listen to it for a while. In the meantime new stuff has been posted and well, it just seems too late. So, thanks for all the good stuff lately. I have the mu records on (still pristine) vinyl, so it will be interesting to compare. Especially look forward to hearing the cherry, howard, taylor and aeoc related that I still haven't caught up with. Also, thanks for the tip about the Leo Smith dates. Saw Ornette in Sydney recently. Mind blowing. Sonny Rollins is coming out too, so it's a good year for us in Sydney. H

Peter said...

Assording to amg's improbably-named arwulf arwulf, these tracks are from the albums you mention (two of those being live).

A further bit of web research would give these details and personnels:

"Amejelo," "Bamboo Night," and "Smiling Faces Going Places" come from:


Don Cherry (vocals, trumpet, flute, piano, percussion, bells); Ed Blackwell (drums, percussion, bells).

Producers: Jean Karakos, Jean Luc Young.

Recorded at Studio Saravah, Paris, France on August 22, 1969. Originally released on BYG Records.

"Blue Lake" and "East" come from:

Blue Lake

Don Cherry (pocket trumpet, wooden flute, piano); Johnny Dyani (bass); Okay Temiz (drums, percussion).

Recorded live on April 22, 1971. Originally released on BYG (4022).

According to arwulf arwul, "Orient" is “a portion of an extended ritual”


Don Cherry (trumpet); Mocqui Cherry (tamboura); Han Bennink (percussion etc.).

(The original album included: 'Orient Part 1 & 2' and 'Si Ta Ra Ma')

Recorded live in Carpentras, France, August 11, 1971

Anonymous said...

Thanks for digging up the details, Peter. As Sotise said, this record sounded very familiar!