17 February 2008

David S Ware Quartet

Here is another recording from Radio 3 - it's a strong studio session by the David S Ware Quartet recorded in New York on March 31st 1999

David S Ware - tenor saxophone

Matthew Shipp - piano

William Parker - bass

Guillermo E Brown - drums

1. Sentient Compassion
2. Autumn Leaves
3. Yesterdays
4. Gospelized


Tantris said...
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centrifuge said...

t, this session was later released on cd of course (balladware). i think some of the tracks may have been edited though, in which case these will be the masters... there were other tracks in the session too (not replayed in that broadcast)

Arcturus said...


Tantris said...

centrifuge -- I didn't know this had been released on CD (and is presumably available). I will delete this when I get home this evening.

centrifuge said...

woah, careful, like i say these are in some cases longer versions than those on the cd (i'm pretty sure) - your decision of course but it's quite not the same as just ripping a new cd is it - ?

Tantris said...

Looks like it is easily available from Amazon;


So far, in about 24 hours, there have been 69 downloads and only three comments other than mine, so I suspect that those who wanted it already have it.

serviceton said...

As one of the mute 69 downloaders, can testify a couple of things: -

Available [as 'Balladware']also direct from the label.
The three DS Ware titles they have are all unknown to me, though I obviously haven't been following the story closely enough!.. (I did buy 'Flight of i' on the *day it was released*, but that was long ago, in another century...

Secondly (for what it's worth), after hearing this, I promptly ordered the album from my local imports emporium (this morning).
Not that I fancy edited-down versions of the tunes so much as I think I need this music "on the shelf" in something bette4r than mp3 quality. (Oh, and I love the cover).
It's fantastic listening.
And thank you for the original (upped in good faith) tantris. :o)

Anonymous said...

I haven't had time to listen to this yet but I already have Balladware and fancied hearing the unedited versions. I'd be interested in knowing the origin of this, if anyone knows. I'm guessing it was a BBC session that they thought was too good for just one or two broadcasts....but BBC studio sessions are usually done at Maida Vale in London. Anyway, I won't lose any sleep of not knowing :)

Thanks for yet another good post.

Anonymous said...

'from' not knowing